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Another Surprise

Wow. Another package arrived for me yesterday, completely unexpected, with absolutely delightful content that included

two boxes of chocolate fudge poptarts (which I haven’t had in about four years as you can’t get them here), a box of Quaker Instant Oats in my FAVORITE flavor of apple & cinnamon (a nostalgic leftover from my childhood, I love the stuff) and a wonderful T-shirt with a black lab on the front of it.

You know who you are – thank you. 🙂🎂👏

On a side note, I put the oatmeal and the poptarts on the kitchen counter yesterday evening. Everytime I walked past them, my mouth watered.  But, I waited until this morning to treat myself to one.

A Wonderful Surprise

It’s those rays of sunshine that drop into your life now and then that are the true spice of life.

Imagine my surprise, when I received this early birthday gift in the mail:

This is not only a really good italian prosecco, it is a “prosecco superiore” with a D.O.C.G. heritage.

I’ll definitely be popping that cork on Friday with a toast to you, dear Jen.

Thank you!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!


9th/10th grades were some of the best years of my life – because of you.

We even flunked gym together one semester. I have fond memories of those precious hours spent in the bleachers, talking about life, love and all that gets 14-year old’s hearts in a tither, while our classmates were actually participating in gym class.

I got the old yearbooks out and took a stroll down memory lane; I’d completely forgotten that you were in the choir. (I’m sharing these because I know that you no longer have your yearbooks.)


Remember this Sadie Hawkins dance in the fall of 1978? Read the caption 😉


They used to call us Rizzo and Frenchie. Not sure who was supposed to be who, but did we have a blast or what?

I’m not sure if I ever shared your 2-paged entry to my yearbook with you, I’ve scanned it into a PDF which you can read here:yearbook (If fyou’re not comfortable with it being online, let me know and I’ll take it down).

And though I haven’t actually SEEN you since 1979 (that’s almost fourty years – egaaads) – you’re simply the best.

Thank you for being you – for your friendship – I love you!

Now go and celebrate your birthday, you twit 😉

A post from 2004 about how we “lost” and “found” each other again can be found here.


The last four days have been, well, anyone who has ever lost a pet will know how they’ve been without me saying so. Sharing every minute of virtually every day for 15 years with a dog, especially one so gentle and dear, will leave a hole as big as a crater not only in your heart but in your life.

I’m concentrating on pulling myself together. I’ve been able to write this without the tears coming, so I will consider that to be a bit of progress.

I want to thank everyone that has shared in my grief and has helped with kind words.

There is one person in particular, you know who you are, who has been virtually holding me and my hand in getting through this. You know who you are, and you have been awesome, and I am eternally grateful for everything.

A Big Thank You, My Friends (You Know Who You Are)

(An attempt at an explanation of sorts)

I managed to find the missing posts from 2007-2011 (at the internet archive, of all places) and managed to paste them into the blog. The comments, however, are lost. Which is no big deal. Not.

While restoring those posts, I realized (again) how scant my postings got by 2007 and there were only a handful more until 2011, at which point I dropped out of here completely.

It really touched my heart that, in those four years, people kept checking in to see what was up and if I was o.k., (Seitherin, Zippi, Maribeth and more, as well as off-line friends). Four years is a long time and I am moved by the loyalty and concern shared by some of my fellow bloggers (and non-bloggers). Your loyalty and concern has, by no means, gone unnoticed.

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