Sorry Folks, Haven’t Been Posting Very Much

Am spending a lot of time knitting at the moment – got the crazy idea of knitting myself a sweater coat I saw in a knitting magazine. I get forward relatively fast because the yarn is very thick – the needles I use are as thick as ballpoint pens.

The back and most of the front are done, then I need to two sleeves and a hood so I am hoping that by the next weekend it will be done.

Knitting has become somewhat therapeutic for me – gets all of that same old working day stress of my back, gets me at peace with myself and the world somehow.

Plus its fun to be lazy and spend the day on the sofa knitting and watching TV, grin!

Anyhow, the cold and wet rainy weather we are having just forces you into staying inside, so, might as well make something productive out of it.

Oktoberfest ends today, I heard they put away 6.5 million liters of beer. Wow.