Strange Day, Sad Day

Yesterday was a very strange day. It was cloudy the entire day, but the sky had kind of a red hue to it, which made the greens in the grass look very dark green and generally made everything look kind of strange. Everytime I went outside I got the feelĂ­ng I was living on Mars or Saturn.

It turned out that a giant cloud of Sahara dust had been carried by high winds over Europe. Sahara dust is red, and the dust was above the clouds, and it looked very interesting yesterday. I would have taken a picture but I doubt I would have been able to capture the essence of it.

Sad news.

We got a phone call yesterday from one of the restaurant owners who is the owner of Tobi’s mother (Nicki) and one of his brothers (Wuzi) (it was a total litter of eight). They wanted to know if there was any hope of puppies from one of Nicki’s children. Last week, Nicki and Wuzi had slipped away from the restaurant unnoticed and were shot at the edge of the forest by a hunter.

There are no words I can use to express my anger, outrage and sorrow.

Here is a photo of Nicki at the gathering in honor of the litter’s first birthday:, here, some of her children:

Socks and more Socks

Today, presenting some of the socks I’ve knitted, though not all since I have given some as presents.

My sock gallery…..

My most recent pair – I love these!

“Mexican light”

Green / white heel and toe

all green

My first pair, last year

One of my favorites

Brown tones

Here I was lazy and made the leg part too short…

Both of these were knitted for me by my very sweet stepmom

This one is crocheted!!!!!

This was also one of my first.

A Math Puzzle


Have something interesting for you folks.

This is actually a math exercise, elementary school level.

It has fascinated me and everyone I have told about it for the last two days – everyone has their own theory of how to figure it out, there have been many heated and some very funny discussions.

So, try and figure this out (I believe I have the answer).

The first one to send me the proper answer will get something from me – will think of something, amazon gift certificate or such.

We have two locations, A and B.

A passenger train, leaving location A needs three hours to complete the trip to location B.

A freight train, leaving location B, needs four hours to complete the trip to location A.

Both trains depart their locations at 12:00 noon.

The question is, at what time will they meet along the way and continue past one another?
Much fun with this one – keep me posted ;-))


This is good for a change. It is Saturday morning, 9.00, since I took care of cleaning yesterday, I have two whole days to just hang out and do what I want (or what has piled up, like my ironing).


My wonderful aunt (who is also blond, like me) told me this blond joke yesterday – its wonderful.

A 747 takes off from Heathrow in London headed for L.A.

A blonde passenger has seated herself in the first class, despite the fact that she has a ticket for economy.

Three times the stewardess tries to convince the young woman to leave first class and go to her assigned seating. The blonde woman refuses – “first class is much nicer than back there”.

Frustrated, the stewardess approaches the pilot and asks him for help.

“No problem”, he says.

Two minutes later the pilot returns to the cockpit.

“Did you get her to leave first class?” asks the stewardess?

“Yes, it was no problem at all”.

“Well, how did you convince her?”

“It was very easy”, the pilot replies. “I told her that the first three rows only fly as far as New York”.

Ha! I loved it.


And guess what – I finished the afghan mom sent me the yarn for!!