Too Much Enthusiasm

Well, did too much cleaning yesterday and am paying for it today. My own fault. Spent all of this morning on the couch, reading, taking Ibuprofen as a prophylaxis to infection.


Not being able to do much is difficult. Our weather is wonderfully springlike and I would really love to do some serious weeding out there, but alas, I can’t.

Spring cleaning would be good too, but it is also a nono post-op this early.


Yes folks, my life at the moment is just as boring as my posts.


What is it about being around 40 and the physical properties of the body? I thought about this early today.

We changed to summer time last night. What got me thinking about this, was that the only clock in the house which was properly set this morning was the VCR (this is because in October when we switched to winter time, I figured it wasn’t worth it changing the time on it for those few months until spring).

((This also resulted in me serving lunch one hour too early a few months back, when I forgot that the VCR clock was still on summer time)).

Anyhow, last summer, I was able to read the clock display on the VCR without glasses. I can’t do that anymore. In order to knit or do anything remotely “small-visual I need to be wearing reading glasses.

Which probably also means that the visual test I took eight years ago, which supposedly determined that I need glasses in order to drive a car is now true (it wasn’t then, really – my eyes were just overly stressed from loads of work at the monitor for weeks before taking the test).

Oh well. That’s life I guess. I can handle this, no problem, as long as I don’t get the urge to go into the bathroom and check on my receding gums………………

Can anyone tell me where to get one of these penholders? Grin.

Thanks, Gisi, for the smile.

My day started with a 15€ parking ticket in front of the post office this morning. Restricted parking zone – the parking lot of the post office was full, I was only in there for six minutes or so, but whammo.

Oh well. ce la vie.

I will appeal that ticket, after all, am temporarily a bit handicapped and it would have been difficult to take the car in there with me, wouldn’t it?

It is high time for us to get some sunshine here, though I am not outdoors much actually. H

This gray cloudy weather is depressing, not to mention the fact that we got a whole truckload of snow again a few days ago.


This is the guy who is not getting a lot of couch time these days. Now and then when I am lying on it, he will sit next to me with such a suffering expression on his face, that I make room for him. I have actually been doing a lot of lying down, yesterday I went for a walk with him for the first time since coming home, we kept it short.

If this keeps up, by the time I get back to work, I will qualify for a three-fold bachelor’s in history, marine biology and geography. Been watching Discovery Channel every day, almost all day. Somehow I still have the feeling that while my body is recovering, my mind is turning to mush.

Got seeds in the mail today from Mom. Jalapenos, Cayenne, Canteloupe Melons and Salvia in red, white and blue colors. Will have to get some of those weird little flat planting things that, when you soak them in water, get big and round (they are used for seeding).

My harvest last year was very impressive, our weather was very hot and dry, let’s see how it goes this year.

Dante, keep up those ravings, they are good for the soul. And please keep being you, as you are.


Sorry to be so serious today, but news items like this need to be spread.

Canada’s misguided and shameful slaughter

New Zealand Herald

On March 15th, caring and concerned citizens around the world will be faxing and emailing Canadian Government politicians and officials to express their strong opposition to the slaughter of 350,000 baby harp seals and hood seals.

This annual slaughter takes place off the east coast of Canada and is heavily subsidised by Canadian taxpayers, the majority of whom are against the brutal killing of these beautiful marine mammals.

The Canadian Harp seal hunt is the largest single mass slaughter of a mammalian wildlife species anywhere in the world.

Over one million harp seals are condemned to be cruelly slaughtered over a three-year period.

The Seal Hunt methods of kill? Clubs, picks, rifles and shotguns.

It is a grossly inhumane kill that goes mostly unregulated, as there are limited fisheries officer to watch and inspect the number of sealers on the ice. Credible witnesses have documented seals being skinned alive and tortured.

complete article

Here is a link with email adresses of the appropriate persons in the Canadian government to whom you can send protests to; scroll to the bottom of this link for sample text.

Sea Shepherd Org

Another Year Gone

I forgot to tell about my birthday, didn’t I.

Ok, here goes. My father gave me a Daiwa Emblem X 4500-XT spinning reel, it has a worm shaft assembly and a twist buster and a super smooth drag adjustment. Am looking forward to fishing with it. Additionally, he presented me with two electronic bite indicators (on which I will leave the volume turned way down low in order not to get the other guys fishing jealous about all the fish I am catching).

My father seems to be looking to do some serious fishing this year (I think he hasn’t quite recovered from my 5-lb trout of last year). He has bought a few new reels and rods and is kinda declaring war on the sheatfish this year. For those of you who do not know what a sheatfish is, here is a picture:

This fish is also known as the European Catfish and is native to all fresh waters of Europe. The biggest one caught to date was in 1997 and weighed 62 lbs.

I caught one last year, however, it only had 50 cm in length (about 1 1/2 feet) and I returned it to the lake (it was an accidental catch, I was actually fishing for eel).

The minimum length for catching this fish is 1 meter, or about three feet in length.

Getting a sheathfish in, when he is that big, takes about 3/4 of an hour, they put up a huge fight and are incredibly strong. Plus, if you aren’t prepared to catch one and have the wrong type of fishing line in use or lack a steel leader, there is a risk that his “teeth” will chafe through the line.

On the culinary side, they taste absolutely wonderful.


Lol, Dante thinks I’ll be skydiving soon – I can’t even get my pants closed.

Though I lost four pounds in the hospital, my lower stomach is quite bloated (this is normal, they told me) I cannot zip any pants that I own. I guess it will be leggings for a bit longer, as leaving the house with unzipped/unbuttoned jeans is not an option.

Hm. Samoa Girl Scout Cookies. Sounds good, doesn’t it. Can you mail me some?

Temperatures here have returned to normal for this time of year, much to my relief. It is very windy however, which I find irritating after a while, the shutters rattle, the wind chimes dangle, etc.

I am kinda feeling a bit in limbo at the moment – wanting to do stuff but not quite having the energy. It is a bit frustrating actually, having this much time on my hands but not really getting anything done. Might try vacuuming tomorrow, carefully and slowly. Have read two books in three days, guess that is positive. Michael Crichton’s “Prey” and Dean Koontz’ “By the Light of the Moon”. Gave me some weird dreams though, maybe I oughta read Seabisquit, seems a bit more harmless, Mom sent all of those to me for Christmas.

Oh, and really nice was a beautiful bouquet of flowers I received from a belgian business aquaintance, whom I have a lot of email contact with at work, but whom I have never met. That came so out of the blue and was just so nice and thoughtful of him, just kinda made my day!

THANK YOU DANTE, for a wonderful work-up of the site, and for all of the birthday wishes. Now all I gotta do is figure out how to get my beer to go green :-}

It’s been a rather strenuous birthday actually. Temperatures here rocketed from 40 degrees this weekend to over 75 degrees today and it kinda killed my circulatory system, despite the fact that I stayed in the shade for the few minutes I was outdoors. No I didn’t celebrate as I normally would, had lunch at a lakeside restaurant and then went home and napped for quite a bit on the couch. Just goes to show I guess, surgery of this sort is not to be taken lightly.

Turning 41 is having no other effect on me actually. Last year, the 40th kinda got to me and made me reflective and take count of where I was with my life and whether that was were I wanted to be.

This year, my view is much more realistic and down to earth I think. Health is everything. When I checked into the hospital, I was so afraid, yes, naked, knuckle-baring fear made my eyes the size of moonbeams, that they might find something else wrong with me or some tumors somewhere or what the heck all my imagination managed to conjure up in the week approaching my hospital stay. Having have been poked, proded, ultrasonically checked all over, lab work on the blood, x-rayed, EKG’d, and having come out of there perfectly healthy (with exception of the obvious, of course) just made me feel so wonderfully relaxed and free and relieved. Birthday? 41? What, me worry? :-))))))

Oh, and the most noticeable improvement at home in relation to being at the hospital? Sleeping in my own bed, not having anyone in the room snoring, no nurses looking in at night, just sleeeeeping………………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Alas, I am at home.

Some idiot at the hospital managed to kill the coin-operated computer, which is why I have not been able to post the last couple of days.

Stitches were pulled out today, got home around noon to a wonderful lunch of spaghetti and a wonderful welcome by Tobi.

Will be mailing all of you today and tomorrow, am somewhat tired (being home is much more relaxing than being in the hospital).



“We gotta get outta this place…

if it’s the last thing we ever do….”

Grin. Not sure anymore who sang/wrote that song, might have been BTO, but it’s kinda how I am feeling.

Yesterday was a lovely day. We had sunshine and about 60 degrees, I spent a bit of time outside walking around in the hospital garden which still looks very bare and wintery except for some crocusses.

Am feeling quite well. When I get up, I have that quasimoto kinda look for the first few steps, but then I am able to straighten up and walk properly, though slowly. Am kinda tired of changing between knitting, reading, crossword puzzles, walking through the corridors, knitting, crossword puzzles, eating, walking, etc.

In other words, it’s time to go home.

However, the stitches will not be pulled until Tuesday, so there is no other hope. Ok. Two more days. Gotta just handle that.

Yesterday, Tobi visited. It was so good to see him. A bit later on, we left him in the car to sit in the garden for a bit and he stared at us / me incessantly with a look that was just too much to bear. Made me cry actually. Silly, ain’t I? Will be home in three days, so why cry? Auuugggghhhh.

Not much other news from here – the hospital stay is getting very monotonous, the big trick is getting the hours to pass, then the evening which just drags on. Two more days – YIPPEEEEEEEE!

Hugs to all of you.