I am beat. Totally. I did not expect to become soooooo tired from going back to work, but I feel about five years older than I did on Sunday.

Good that it is Thursday.

I haven’t caught a fish yet either, but that isn’t bothering me in the least.

My highlight of the week – I won the fight with my cell phone company. While in the hospital, they tried to deduct the monthly bill but the account was not covered so the bank would not let them. Thus, they charged me, on the next invoice (even though I transferred the amount due right away) late fees and administrative fees of over 20,00 Eur.

Unbelievable. The invoice amount was only 25,00 Eur and the fees 20,00 Eur!!!

I wrote them a mean email complaining that I have been a customer for eight years and there has never been a problem in paying my bills, and threatened to cancel the account.

Guess that worked. They called me yesterday and are giving me a credit of 25,00 Eur for the trouble I have had.

What do we learn from this? Don’t take crap from anyone – open that big mouth.


Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo.

Getting Up Early

Well, today was the big fishing derby of our club. Spent yesterday afternoon checking that all my rods and reels were in order, checked the knots, the hooks, etc.

Got up at 4 a.m.

Got there at 5.30.

They rang the opening bell at 7.00 a.m.

At 11.30 they whistled for a stop.

I went home empty handed.

The little kid on my left caught a nice trout, my father, to my right, caught three.

Can’t believe it. Not at the opening derby!!!! :-((((

Ce la vie.

Now I have a load of ironing to do and I have to go to work tomorrow.

What a yech kinda Sunday, don’t cha think?

Really Awful Art

Sorry for the delay in posting this – the weather here has been so wonderful I have been spending most of it outdoors.

Here the first painting, I welcome any feedback, positive or critical.

Thanks again to Jen, for pushing me here!


We had some really nice and warm weather on Sunday, followed by an early evening thunderstorm. As the storm was pulling away it continued to rain and the sun came back into view. I saw something that I had never seen before – a rainbow – (yes, I have seen lots of them) but this one was a complete arch, meaning I saw both ends of it on the ground – it was in the complete shape of an upside down U.

It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

On other fronts, not much new here. Have a list of things to accomplish this week before getting back to work on Monday, need to get those winter tires off the car, stuff like that.

Oh, my first painting is finished. Will post a photo of it later on today.

Karen’s Painting Tips

Tip of the day: Do not use the other end of the brush to mix colors together. You will inevitably forget that you have done so, and will regret it the instant you put the brush into your mouth temporarily to use another brush.


I have been forgetful of late. Last week, I spotted a night crawler in the garden and put him in my pocket, meaning to add him to the other crawlers we have collected for fishing bait.

I remembered the night crawler in my pocket after getting up from my afternoon nap. Yeeecchh.

Yesterday morning, my father and I went down to the river for an hour to do some spin fishing. He gave me two frozen bait fish (minnows) which I placed in my shirt pocket. I used one of them for fishing. The other one I noticed late afternoon while chatting with Jen. Am certain that, if I hadn’t smelled it first, it would have ended up in the laundry hamper with the shirt.

Maybe I just outta stay away from bait.

The weather here is depressing – gray, gray, gray and cold. Not very cheery easter weather at all. Nonetheless, to all of you, Happy Easter!


Lolol. Dante, what would you do with a bit of jet lag if this one hour is killing you this much?

Things are quiet here. The weather is very unreliable (one minute snow showers, the next, sparkling sunshine) so I have not been outdoors much.

Have been painting, am not satisfied yet with a lot of my picture but will persevere. And by the way Jen, those brushes are absolutely awesome! They are very long, thus extremely comfortable to handle and don’t “fuzz” or lose hairs the way that cheap brushes do!

Hey, am wearing jeans today! Yipppppeeee! That swelling in the belly has gone down a bit at last! Finally, other clothes!


Am completely exhausted today (still) and my stomach hurts. I assume this is from all the prodding that the doctor did yesterday. Spent all morning with my couch.

Had to hem up those pants I bought yesterday, almost three inches. I am not actually small but I bought the pants in the men’s department and I guess men are a bit taller.

Actually, I think they are skater pants, but they are comfortable, so I do not care.

All that hemming yesterday (unusual for me to be that diligent with sewing) got me to repair the hole in my winter coat (a button tore off, leaving a large hole). I brought it directly to the dry cleaner across the street then, hoping not to need it again for a few months. Our weather the next few days is rain and snow, but since I am going nowhere I won’t need the coat.

Here is a wonderful link Jen sent me, try it – it’s a challenge and it’s fun (and let me know how you did ;-)).

click here


As if being poked, prodded and penetrated ain’t bad enough.

Nonetheless, the Dr. is pleased with my process.

Finally finished at the doctor’s, I left the building to call my father on the cell phone to pick me up (we made a family outing out of this morning – they shopped while I dropped, lol).

My cell phone would not let me call anyone.

Would not let me send an SMS either.

Assumably because my bank refused to let them deduct their last bill.

So there I was.

Found no phone booths. Walked to the nearest post office – usually there are some there.

No phone booth. It rained. I didn’t have an umbrella.

The guy at the post office said, 150 feet further down the street there is a phone booth.

There was.

It did not accept coins.


The lady at the reception of the county clerk’s office was kind enough to phone U. for me.

After managing to reunite the family, we did some shopping – I needed some pants I can get into and got two inexpensive pair with elastic waists. How fashionable. Lol. Don’t care. Considering I have worn neither bra nor make-up in four weeks I don’t care.

U. invited us to lunch at BURGER KING – hmmmmmm, Whopper. Peak of the day, thus far.

Going to lie down now, am exhausted.

Nothing New

I have been bad about not posting, I know. It’s just that there is nothing much new here and my life is not that exciting at the moment.

I spend a lot of time doing “quiet” stuff; reading, TV, hanging out on the couch, drinking Roibush Tea. Can’t do more than that actually. Bit more every day, but taking it easy. We’ll see what the doc says tomorrow.

Cut my hair. Yup. About 7 inches shorter (yes, wow). It is just past shoulder length now and I love it. I had too much hair – didn’t know where to put it all. And, I was always just wearing it up and that gets boring after a while.

Looks kinda sassy now, actually 😉

Regarding my next item, it’s all Jenny’s fault (but in a very GOOD kinda way). She sent me a huge set of some very wonderful, high quality brushes for my birthday. They are very pretty, bound in a canvas pouch.

Ok, Jen. So, I now have an easel standing upstairs, have some canvasses, have some paint (oil and acrylic) and am doing some painting. Am not sure I even can paint but she always tells me I can do stuff like that. Why not try. Anyhow, it is fun and it is RELAXING. Am not looking to become Van Gogh (like my ears too much), just want to paint a few nice pictures. Heck, I’d be happy just being Bob Ross, LOLOLOL.

Will let you know how this turns out; if I am happy with any of them, I will post them here.

I sowed the seeds mom sent me last week (they are all sprouting). Only took a week. Am looking forward to warm spring weather, wearing dresses (yes, still have a swelly belly – it looks like Beckham kicked a football down my throat).

Starting to wonder if maybe they implanted something in the hospital – wouldn’t this make a good horror novel – women going into the hospital for GYN surgery being used to raise some sort of weird aliens …… Dante, take it from here.

There is a wonderful site that I found and want to share with anyone out there who is having to consider a hysterectomy or is post-op. It is a wealth of information, a forum consisting of women who are all in the same boat – it is a great source of information, a lot of experience is shared, and you know you aren’t alone with all of those unpleasant and sometimes strange side effects. The site is called HysterSisters (www.hystersisters.com).

Oh, and do you know what I saw on TV today? (Stupid question, of course not). Sky Surfing – they jump out of airplanes with snowboards at 16.000 feet and surf through the air before parachuting on down – is this nuts or what? Or is it just a California thing?

Oh, and if anyone knows what the lottery numbers will be next week, just mail me, ok? Thanks.