Did not want to get up this morning, we went fishing for eel last night. It is always the same, just never seem to get home before 11:30 or midnight. Then, I am usually up quite late.

There wasn’t much going on at the lake, the folks next to us caught a nice tench, I caught a nice eel but that was it.

Spent this afternoon lying in the sun (yes, in my new bikini) reading the latest Mankell novel; the first crime novel AFTER the Wallander series. Good reading, though I kinda miss Wallander.

Uwe is smoking these for us for dinner:


Yes, I know they look gross but they taste just exquisitely!

Is It Me Or What?

Why do such chaotic things always happen to me?

Yesterday started out real well, actually. Went grocery shopping very early. Straightened up the house a bit, simultaneously connected the scanner my father gave me and scanned some documents that I needed copies of.

At 11:00 I decided to leave the house briefly, going by the recycling place, then to the ATM at the post office to get money and then to the town officials to get a small detail taken care of.

The recycling place was empty. I went through the gate with my old glass bottles, wanting to throw them in the container, when all of a sudden, a man started shouting, “we’re closed”. I was astonished, having thought Thursdays from 10-12 they were opened. Plus the gate was open.

He got out of the truck and again explained, they weren’t open, showed me the signs with the opening times. I set to go back to the car and then, after brief negotiations with the man (who was very nice actually) quickly got rid of the old bottles.

At the community center, I was astonished. There were no more parking spaces. In fact, there were cars everywhere. The only free space was for handicapped. I decided to park there shortly, knowing I would not be long.

Turned out, the woman I needed to see was not available because she was carrying out a marriage. Her coworker could not help me because she did not know the password for getting into the computer. I decided to come back Tuesday.

Got to the parking lot. Twas fuller than when I left – there were cars parked behind me.

After waiting 15 minutes and getting somewhat nervous (about the parking ticket police and about the fact that I should have been cooking chicken soup for lunch and by this time it was noon) I decided to go back in. Turned out it was the car of the newlyweds that was blocking me. I waited in the hall until the ceremony was over, then got the best man to move the car, thus allowing me to dash home and cook chicken soup in 45 minutes (which worked in the pressure cooker).

Funny thing, living in a small town. During this entire experience, I bumped into my ex-boss (from 8 1/2 years ago), the woman who was my roommate in the hospital, and Hilde’s aunt and her cousin.

Feeling Better

Monday was just a crappy day was all. By evening, I had decided to let the world KMA, (für meine deutschen Leser mich am A… l… zu lassen).

That made me feel better.

I did spend the last two afternoons outside in my bikini in a wind protected area of the garden and actually managed to get a slight sunburn. I read the last novel in the Wallander series by Mankell (Wallander’s erster Fall) “Wallander’s First Case”. It was wonderful. Very well done. Praise.

This morning, after wondering why my finger nails were so clean and white, I decided to weed out the rose beds. Now they aren’t white anymore, but the roses look lovely. There were lots of poppy plants – apparently, the big one in the garden spread its seeds last year.

Tobi has overnight company – his old girlfriend “Hexe” is staying the night as her owner is having to have some sort of endoscopic examination done and is staying overnight at the hospital.

Tomorrow, Uwe has his first in the new chemo series – I am thankful that he appears to be in good medical hands.

I will be donating four hours at the office as they need me to do something or another.

Oh, and I got an invite from the employment office. Next Wednesday and Thursday, 8 – 12:30. A Seminar on how to write resumes and that kinda stuff. Like I don’t know how.

It’s mandatory. If you don’t appear, they cap your pay for two weeks. So, I will go and learn how to write resumes. Ce la vie.

Non scholae, set vitae discimus.

52 Degrees F and Fair…

Yes. Aren’t we almost at the end of May? And they are saying on the radio that we may have frost tonight!!!!

I know, I sometimes seem to be obsessed with the weather, but that is for no other reason that I am an absolute outdoor person. In the warm months, I practically live outside (garden or porch) and go in only to sleep or such. It kills me when it is so cold that you have to wear a thick sweater end of May. It is too cold to go fishing (yes, it is, because there is wind to consider and if your fingers are frozen after five minutes, it ain’t any fun).

I know it has been a bad weather month cause I just checked my internet access bill, and I am way over my monthly hours this time. Probably has something to do with playing Bookworm. This is a very fun word game but highly addictive. Uwe hasn’t left his computer in days, I think.

Anyhow, if you try it, let me know how you like it. My Highscore is 522000 (german version).

See, I just started playing again, even though I only went there to get the english version link for this post (it is weird playing it in english – when I play it in german, I see a lot of english words I could make).

(By the way, my Bookworm score at the moment is at 301980 (english version). 😛

Actually, I am also printing my organizer pages for the next two weeks (not just screwing around doing stupid stuff). Need to get my butt in gear and actually do have along list of errands and such to take care of. My tax return (and the paper piles associated with it) are also looming on the horizon.

Am hoping also to perhaps have some job interviews in the next weeks, though the market seems to be kind of resting at the moment. Unemployment looms.


The Ironie of It All

So you pack special gear (strong reels with special fishing line), stiff and resilient rods, pack your butt into a boat and sit out until 10 in the evening, freezing your bunions off. And, you catch nothing. You go out for european catfish and just come home empty handed.

That was on Monday night.

This morning, we headed up to the lake at 5.30. We were hoping to catch some tench or carp or whatever, or just enjoy the wonderful sunshine and warm temperatures.

At 7.30, my swimmer gently went under, the line was being pulled nicely and I thought, well, small carp.

It was kind of a strange drill; at some point I realized the fish wasn’t acting like a carp and was certainly too big to be a tench.

Imagine my suprise:

90 cm long, 10 lbs. in weight. Wow. I drilled him in with my match rod (for those non-fishers out there, a very long and thin rod, designed for smaller fish such as trout). Wheeeewwww.

Have a look at the size of this guy’s mouth:

And last but not least, a big thanks to Uwe for scooping him into the net :-)).

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


Which inspired me to go to the nursery to buy “a couple of begonias”. Lol. Yeah. Me in a nursery and getting a “couple” of flowers. They oughtn’t let me near one.

Bought seven begonias, two petunias, four melons, one rosemary, one coriander, basil and two big sacks of potting soil.

The weather was so nice this morning that after the shopping spree I went for a walk with Tobi (well, I just couldn’t drive past his favorite river without stopping now, could I?).

It was wonderful. The dandelions are in full bloom, the air is fresh, and everything was just georgous. Here two pictures (phone quality):

Am off now to fishing (from the boat this time). Uwe has got his sights set on one of those European Catfish.

Wish me luck ;-))

It’s Rainin’ Again

I think it’s time we petition the Bavarian Government to change its state anthem to the Supertramp tune; it is certainly more accurate than

“God with you, oh land of bavarians,

german soil, fatherland!

Above your wide areas

your blessed hand shall rest!

Shall he (the lord) protect your fields,

shield your citie’s walls

and conserve to you the colours

of his skies, white and blue!”

If you want to hear the melody, here a link (from UCLA, lol):


The skies have been gray almost continuously since April.

Oh well. Seeing as the weather was awful, I treated myself to my first bath since surgery, hmmmm. Twas good.

But what is really bugging me, is these UFO reports out of Mexico. Have you folks seen the video from the Mexican news? Here a link to the video

Here a link to the press articles about it (google). Google News Search

I mean, I liked the movie “Signs”, thought it was excellent actually. But viewing this video is like what Mel Gibson’s brother was seeing on TV while he was watching TV in the closet.

I thought it was scary. Some scientists are saying those are gases. But how come gases can move so regularly and obviously in group formation? No, I am not a hysterical, esoteric whacko. Never have been. But have a look at the video and let me know what you think.

Have to go check my battery flashlights and secure the basement windows…. 😉


Mild and Partly Cloudy

Gosh, been a busy day even though only half over.

Got the garden hose hooked up (been in the basement for the winter) and finally cleaned Kuni’s aviary with the high pressure cleaner. Then, it was off to the pharmacy to get a prescription for the cat filled (Pauli has been vomiting a lot, we de-wormed her on Sunday but it hasn’t stopped). The vet took blood for the lab and also discovered an infection in her upper jaw which we are now treating with medication. The rest of the blood results aren’t available until Tuesday, but the ones I got back today were good. The Vet said that for an 11-year old cat, her organs are in really great shape. However, the acidocyte leukocytes are at 15% and should be at 4%, indicating perhaps an extreme allergic reaction, which could also be a reaction to parasites. (Yes, recently she started to eat the mice she catches).

Went grocery shopping, washed and hung out to dry all of my laundry, repotted my Azalea. Lunch was Rib-eyes and baked potatoes and yummy.

Am going to head for a small nap (got up at 6:30 for no reason but that I was awake).

This afternoon and evening, we are going Fishing!!!!! Finally once again.

Perhaps I might even catch something, will see.

Poor Dog

Not a pretty sight that was. The vet had to remove the broken off piece of Tobi’s claw. She tried twice, even with both of us holding him he kept squealing and pulling away.

So, the vet gave him anasthesia and took care of it that way. All in all, we lifted him on and off the table twice. Phew.

He took a while to come out of the anesthesia so she took care of some other stuff (scratch wound on his back, etc.).

Then, she gave him a shot for the pain.

Poor guy. When he woke up and we went back to the car, he had a gaunt like Bambi on the ice – all four legs kept going in different directions.

He slept through the evening and the night, and is now (almost 6 o’clock) outside for the first time today, though limping terribly.

The vet bandaged the paw quite nicely, and put a red sock over his foot to protect the bandage.

He looks kinda silly, but cute.

Poor guy.