Corvus Monedula

The animal clinic referred us to a very nice man who rescued a young jackdaw who had apparently fallen out of the nest. The man has been taking care of him for about 10 days but is unable to continue to do so. Thus, we have a young guest – about four weeks old, when he is grown, this is what he will look like:

Maybe I can post a picture of him tomorrow.

Spent the day gathering the rest of the paperwork I need for my appointment tomorrow and putting my life story on paper for the immigration authorities. The man I made the appointment with was very nice on the phone; hope I have all documentation I need, but I think I am covered. Even found my last report card from high school in Munich – amongst lots of other old things, letters, notes, bunch of stuff. Was a real trip down memory lane this morning!

What Is It About

shoes by the side of the road? How do they get there?

Yesterday, when I drove to FFB to visit Friedl and her new hip there was a shoe lying by the side of the highway. I am sure that you have seen this sort of thing yourself. It always gives me kind of a queasy feeling – I always imagine, I guess, someone being knocked out of their shoes by a speeding car – but that cannot be.

Anyhow, Friedl is doing fine with her new hip – she is literally beaming about being able to move her right leg again. They haven’t allowed her to get out of bed, she is a bit upset about that but is quite her old self – happy and pain free.

The correspondence school at which I did some PC courses a few years back sent me some new study offers. I can imagine that being a Feng Shui Consultant might be quite satisfying – or how about Capital Accumulation or Practical Psychology….

But seriously, I am toying with the idea of continuing on as a certified translator. However, the course for this has a length of 24 months with 2 hours of study daily – will have to consider this seriously.

Aughh… am rambling here. 🙂


Well, Uwe wasn’t quite feeling up to it so we did not go fishing this morning. Instead, I made the most of this heavenly summer weather of 75 F – not a cloud in the sky – no wind – kinda day.

Did my shopping this morning. Then, repotted my cayenne and jalapenos, fertilized everything including the tomatoes and roses.

I spent the entire afternoon lying on my chaise lounge in the sun, just soaking up every ray.

Which means I didn’t get around to my indoor chores, but I am sure that I will get to that during the next rainy day, coming soon.

France is out of the EM. Amazing. Greece is in the semi-finals. All the previous big favorites – Germany, Italy, England, now France (world-champion actually) are out. Will be interesting to see what happens with Holland/Sweden this evening as Holland as always been a big favorite too.

I made a “wurst salat” for dinner. There is perhaps something strange about making bavarian wurst salat with italian balsamico vinegar, but oddly enough, it tastes wonderful!


Drove 200 km today, through sleet, rain, snow and hail. Spent a good deal of time actually standing on the autobahn. Me and a couple of thousand other cars.

I drove to the “Holledau” today to meet with someone who has done some translation work for me. The “Holledau”, translated from the Bavarian meaning Hops Valley lies north of Munich about halfway between Munich and Regensburg. 95% of the world’s supply of Hops comes from this region, as you see on the picture, the hops is “trained” to grow upwards by cords attached to poles. Driving through this area all you see is poles and hops as far as the eye can see. It is very picturesque. Hops is a beautiful plant with wonderful blossoms which are often made into wreaths in Bavaria.

On my way back, I drove right by FFB, which is where Tante Friedl received her new hip this morning – and that at 88 years of age. I wasn’t sure if they would let me visit her because she is still in the ICU, but they did. She is doing well, is a bit chatty and seems to have put the worst behind her. Three Cheers for Her!

Also on my way home was the cemetery where my grandmother is buried; thus, I made a stop there as well. Gisi and Moni planted some nice red ice begonias on her grave.

As you can imagine, watering them was not necessary.

I am NOT going to watch soccer tonight. It is just too nerve racking. The game yesterday (England/Portugal) went into two overtimes yesterday followed by penalty shoot-outs which England lost, 5 – 6. The portugese celebrated all night, the english blamed the referee for not allowing a goal because the goal keeper was attacked.

Anyhow, I did not see the rest of the game – I went to bed at the end of regular playing time, telling my folks to please turn off the lights before going home.

No football tonight, tomorrow at 5, am going fishing.

I Have Been Desperately Searching For

my stomach muscles. Since the operation in March, I still feel like I no longer have any. In the morning, when I go for a long walk with Tobi, I try to keep them really tucked in for the entire 45 minutes, hoping that this will firm them up a bit. However, doing this doesn’t feel like I am contracting ANY kind of muscle – I am wonderering, where they have gone.

So, I bought these at ebay:

1/2 kG for each arm, 1.5 kG for each leg (that’s about one pound and three pounds).

Yesterday, I put them on (even though I should have spared my left knee – I seem to have overstretched the ligaments on it somehow and it hurts like hell actually) and did some light arobic exercises.

Made me realize that some of my other muscles are out of shape as well. And, at some point, after doing a variation of situps, I managed to bang the heck out of the inside of my ankle on the corner of the coffee table, thus getting one heck of a bruise.

Today, my stomach is swollen and itching and numb.

On another front, hope no one watched the Germany/Czech Republic game yesterday. They played miserably. It was embarrassing to watch. Especially in light of the fact that the Czechs had their bench playing. Germany is out of the match of course, but I feel that is deserved. They played like a Dorfmannschaft (Village Team) though I am sure that this might be an insult to some village teams.

Nonetheless, may the best team win!

Just Had To Post This

While sorting through my endless piles of paper and getting them into some sort of logical order, I stumbled upon this:

This is me at about age 4 and my cousin Sylvia at about age 2. We were standing in front of my grandmother’s house. The skirt I am wearing was one of my favorites – it was green plaid. Notice the wonderful daisies behind us – my grandmother loved daisies and boy, did we love HER!

City Folk and Country Living

CI don’t know why I thought about this today, but here goes. Those who know me also know that though I spent the first 6 years of my life living rurally (10 km from here), the rest of my life was spent in town and city living.

So I guess it was no surprise that, a few years back in Chicago, on a wonderful spring day in early May, I drove to the farmer’s market (I think on Waukegan Road a few miles north of Deerfield). Well, I was expecting to buy wonderful produce – ripe red tomatoes, green and juicy cucumbers, a few ears of corn, that kinda stuff. Imagine my suprise when I got there and there was no one there selling anything.

Yes, I really was surprised. Well, it was spring, wasn’t it? Shouldn’t there have been lots of harvest? Looking back, I find it hard to believe I was that dumb.

Something similar happened to me upon my return to Germany. There is a walnut tree in the garden. In the fall, there were these big green things hanging on it and I (not even knowing what kind of tree it was) asked what they were. Walnuts, my father said.

Huh? I said “well, in the states, walnuts are brown, so what kind of walnuts are those?”

I think my father laughed until he cried. Then he showed me the brown nut inside the green, soft shell.


From Soccer. Watched both games yesterday, Germany – Latvia (0/0) and Holland – Czech Republic (2/3). Wow.

Tonight I will be watching Spain vs. Portugal (one game per evening is quite enough, I think).

And guess what. I remembered Father’s Day this year – even made him a card myself AND remembered to call. Just goes to show there is always room to improve with just a bit of effort 😉



This is a (if I remember correctly) topographically coded picture of Venus which I dug up somewhere last week. I am not sure if it was visible in the states, but last week Venus crossed in front of the Sun which has not happened for 120 years. It was not exactly spectacular, especially when compared with the total eclipse of the sun we had a few years ago, but something special nonetheless.

Dante seems to have been pretty badly under the weather, get well soon, drink lots of liquids and get mom to make you some chicken soup. It helps. If mom can’t, make some yourself, it is easy and GOOD. I posted the recipe on January 11.

Hugs to you.

I am not going to say a thing about the weather. That’s it. Nothing. I have decided to deal with it by pretending to be living in northern Sweden.


Ain’t That A Beauty

Ain’t that a beauty…

Congrats to Uwe. 16 pounds!!!

Had my appointment at the unemployment office yesterday; the man responsible for my “case” is very nice and was very helpful. Afterward, after driving through the cobblestone streets of Landsberg which I think loosened not only a few of my teeth but perhaps every screw in my little Renault Twingo I noticed my stomach was growling so I decided to make a quick stop at McDonald’s. Directly across the street there is a Burger King, but from a traffic standpoint, McDonald’s is easier to get in and out of.

Because of the Euro 2004 Soccer Championship, they currently have Kickmacs (notice the bun looks like a football). Anyhow, I had one and it was wonderful. Hmmm.

It is raining here once again, so I am spending the day honing my resume and getting a bunch of them sent out; wish me luck!