Rearranging the Furniture

is an excellent way to get exercise. It’s also a good way to procrastinate doing your tax return.

Spent the entire day yesterday shoving furniture around and have now discovered a few muscles that I thought had gone away forever.

Looking back, I have always liked rearranging furniture now and then. I remember in Chicago, we had a “Schrank” – a big wall closet with showcase compartments that are standard in most german living rooms – these things usually measure big enough to cover up an entire wall. Anyhow, in Chicago this huge thing took up an entire living room wall and worse yet, completely covered one of the windows. One day, I decided enough of that and with help of my friend Lynda, we dismantled that sucker in its three parts. We left one part standing in the living room, lugged the other downstairs into the den, and I think the third one we got upstairs in the guest bedroom. Lol. When my husband got home from work he just gasped.

So, yesterday I rearranged here in the living room. It is also a wonderful way to clean things and areas you usually don’t get to. A little tip from me – if you need to move a heavy piece of furniture, get four old socks to put under the corners. It eases pushing the piece across the floor while also avoiding or minimizing scratches. If you are having to push over carpeting, well, that’s another story.

On another note, here a couple of things that are now in bloom in my garden:

Bloodwort I planted a few years ago.

My phlox in full bloom.

I have no idea what this thing is called in english, and neither does Leo. It was given to me by an aquaintance a few years back, and has never been as HUGE as this year – it has got to be more than three feet high!

I didn’t plant these – this hollyhock presumably made it’s own way in there. I had planted some a few years back – they must have sowed out themselves.

Aren’t these lovely?

Oh – and in the happy things department. My sincere apologies to all postal employees. The birthday card arrived! Yippee!!!! I had sent him a birthday card with the complete Euro Coins minted in Luxembourg – he got them! Yeah!

Sad and Hurting

Most of you know that Pauli has had a number of health problems in the last few months Рshe stopped eating because of a hairball problem, followed by a massive infection of the jawbone. Two weeks ago, the vet removed most of her teeth, she recovered for a few days and started eating again only to stop again because of a large abscess on her throat. Despite almost daily visits to the vet and numerous attempts to get her back on her feet, we seem to have failed.

We have not seen her since Sunday morning. She seems to have withdrawn to some quiet place – we have looked for her everywhere but to no avail. Cats tend to withdraw and hide when they pass and since she has never stayed away an entire night and stays away from streets, we are assuming the worst and have informed the vet accordingly.

She was 11 – goodbye my sweet.


First, a rant. I mailed Mom’s and Gene’s birthday cards in plenty of time on the same day (they were both cards I made myself). Mom got her card on Wednesday, Gene’s has not arrived. This is bugging me to no end – I bought a small little something at the beginning of the year and saved it up for his birthday. If it doesn’t get there, I am really going to pitch a fit. Really. Damn!

And if I get my hands on that sonofabitch who kept the card………

aarrrrgggghhh. It was really something special just for him :-(((

Not much news here, nothing out of the ordinary happening (which is usually positive – out of the ordinary happenings can be quite disastrous, actually). I am spending quite a bit of time at home (with gas being at $5.45 a gallon, I am not driving anywhere not absolutely necessary). Worse than that – a pack of cigarettes costs $4.35 now. Yeah, time to quit probably.

I spent part of the day yesterday reading the first 100 pages of the 9/11 Commission’s Report, which I can only recommend as it is certainly interesting reading. Over 500 pages, it can be downloaded at the above link in Acrobat Format.

Let myself get talked into going fishing late afternoon yesterday – I didn’t want to because some nasty thunderstorms were headed in. They, however, drifted off. The fish weren’t biting, but it was nice anyhow. I hate thunderstorms when fishing – was out on the Ammersee late evening in a boat once, when three surrounding storms suddenly merged over the lake – I never, ever, ever want to experience something like that again. And fishing poles being such awesome lightning rods…..

I spent all of today cleaning. Really cleaning. You know, the “I think I need to dust the lightbulbs” kind of cleaning. Am exhausted but the house is looking great ūüôā

There was a very interesting article in the Stern Magazine regarding the single women (these are not necessarily young single women who have never been married, it seems more like my generation and age, women married once or twice). The article was informative:

“Als Hauptvorteil sehen die meisten Single-Frauen (81 Prozent) an, dass sie tun und lassen k√∂nnen, was sie wollen. 69 Prozent von ihnen genie√üen es, mehr Zeit f√ľr sich zu haben, und 56 Prozent, dass sie das Urlaubsziel selbst bestimmen k√∂nnen. 48 Prozent finden gut, dass es niemanden gibt, der die Wohnung unordentlich macht. Gut ein Drittel (36 Prozent) der Single-Frauen genie√üt es, dass sie sich keine Sport√ľbertragungen im Fernsehen ansehen m√ľssen. Nur zwei Prozent der Frauen, die ohne Partner leben, genie√üen ihr Single-Dasein nicht.”

“Perceived as the main advantage by 81 percent is being able to to what they want. 69 percent of them enjoy having more time for themselves, and 56 percent¬†liked being able to choose their vacation destination on their own. 48 percent like the fact that no one is there to mess up the apartment. One third (36 percent) enjoyed not having to¬†watch sport shows on television”.

I can only agree with the above.

Thanks for the feedback on the resume photos, I am back on the drawing board on this one as I agree with all of you – those pics don’t really look like me.

By the way the churchbells are ringing, there seems to be another thunderstorm headed this way (in Bavaria, perhaps in all of Germany, not sure, they ring the churchbells when a storm is heading in Рlogic behind it being probably previously a religious one, today being the assumption that the sound waves created will get the air masses to move onward).

The quality of the bells recording is not so good – recorded it with my dictaphone and fed it into the PC over the microphone, but it will give you an idea of how noisy they can be.

Gotta unplug my laptop.

Wonderful, Wonderful Summer

Well, we have actually had five straight days of summer weather – looks like it is here at last.

Spent two hours down at the river with Tobi yesterday, it was hot and sticky weather. We crossed the river twice (I like getting him to swim Рhe needs to burn off some of  those lazy dog calories). When we crossed back, I stripped and just plunged right on in Рthere were no other people there and even if there were, the cold water was just too good.

After we got back, there was a thunderstorm with such a cloud break that the LNB on the Satellite Dish wasn’t getting enough signal for my DigiBox to receive any programs. Cooled off the temperatures a bit though, which was quite pleasant.

I think Dante is having trouble getting a modem connection up at the fishing lodge; or maybe he is just so busy catching lots of fish that he has no time to post ūüėČ Wish you the biggest pike ever, little bro! I think it’s wonderful that he and Dad have taken the time to spend a week fishing.

There is a wonderful article by Mike Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle that I would like to link to here; I usually restrict my political activity to my other blog but this article is really worth a read.

I am still working on completing the website, I added photos of Jen’s trip to Frisco and commented some of the photo pages. Am still working on getting those recipes up there as well as a massive “fun” database of jokes for the jokes page. Send me all the blond jokes you can – I think I will start a collection. There are some really good ones out there; one of the best I have ever heard is the one with the mailbox.

Movies I have recently seen:

The Magdalen Sisters: very good.

Unfaithful: very good, not for the faint of heart.

K-Pax: surprisingly quite ok.

Am just linking all over the place today, I know. ūüôā


Resume Photos

It is customary in Germany to include a photo on the resume itself.

I have been somewhat dissatisfied with mine, as the background is too dark and resume photos, just like passport photos, are usually done on a neutral white background.

Thus, after having failed at editing my current resume photo (it’s the same one as you see to the right) I decided to do a new photo. This is no problem with a digicam, right?

I did my hair, got dressed up properly (from the waist up only, no reason to take off my comfy garden shorts). Hung a white bedsheet on the bathroom door, converted my ceiling lamp to a tripod, directed all available lighting and took pictures.

The more I took the worse it got. When I was taking the last batch, I wondered what smelled so burnt until I realized that when I leaned to look at the back of the camera to check if the positioning was ok, my hair was partially hanging in the halogen reading lamp which was also redirected to shine at the bathroom door.

I think I was at number 35 (none of them were good – I felt like I looked awful, something was always wrong with them) when Uwe stuck his head in the door and asked what on earth I was up to and what happened to my hair – he said I looked like a tinsel angel. There I was, in my crisp white blouse and my elegant new wool jacket…..and my wrinkled old garden shorts, barefoot.

Imagine, he dared laugh.

So, he went to the basement and brought his projection screen out in the yard and shot about six pictures of me. I still wasn’t completely happy with the result, but that is because this seems one of those “can’t stand to look at myself” days.

So, here is the worst one I took….¬†¬†¬†¬†and the best one he took……

Which one of those would you considere hiring? Surely not the one on the left, looking like she is about to get hit by a large flying object………


What Is It With The Birds This Year?

My niece Steffi woke me from my afternoon nap when she delivered a perhaps 1 week old sparrow which she and her other aunt had found down by the lake. Apparently, he had fallen out of the nest and his parents were no were in sight.

So, here we go again. He is very lively and chirpy, hope this one makes it.

Fishing was good; the weather was perfect, the people were fun, all in all a wonderful way to spend the first half of the day. I caught four tench which were all undersized, and Uwe caught a very small carp which he also put back in. No problem with that though, most people didn’t catch a thing – the fish just weren’t biting today.

On another note, Jen has been asking me about movie recommendations as she has gotten some sort of super DVD Rental deal. Whenever I try to concentrate on making a list, I can’t think of anything current. Thus, I will be posting movies now and then as I think of them or have seen them.

These two I saw recently:

Far From Heaven, Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid – plot was ok, the actors were good, however it was my impression that the details about the time period (1958) were exaggerated – there were moments when I thought I was watching Beaver and Wally.

Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood – Sandra Bullock and many more – wonderful. Lovely movie. Definitely worth seeing.

Sadly, Not All Things

can end well, but I guess that’s just a part of life.

The song thrush didn’t make it. She died yesterday evening. Was sitting in her cage, sleeping. A bit later on I saw her sleeping on her stomach, when suddenly she started flapping her little wings – I knew that was no good. Held her in my hand, tried to give her some additional warmth to stabilize her by blowing warm air onto her, all to no avail. I buried her under the hedge.

I assume she had suffered some kind of internal injury, because when the vet checked her, he could find nothing broken. The swelling on the air sac, however, failed to go down and I assume it came from something internal.

It is difficult to raise most song birds; they require various diets and frequent feeding and a bit of luck. Nevertheless, I am always incredibly sad when things go badly.

On another note, summer finally seems to have gotten here so out of the house it was, finally. Went to the river with Tobi this morning, again this afternoon to do some fishing. Didn’t catch anything but that doesn’t really matter – it was just wonderful. The grass and weeds and everything growing there is almost three feet high and in full bloom – Tobi loved running through the tall grass. It was just good to be out.

This morning I sprayed my roses for the third and last time this season, they seem to be holding up well against fungi this year. Then I sawed off a few branches of the moor birch in front of the porch to get a bit more sunlight for the roses and for the other flower bed. It was good to be outside doing things!

Early tomorrow there is a fishing derby at a neighboring fishing club that we will be taking part in; it means getting up early but the weather tomorrow is supposed to be just as wonderful as today, so that is no problem for me. This fishing club is a lot of fun; they even set up tables and benches by the lake and serve brew and good bavarian eats. Hmmmm.

Who Is Programming at Epson

or translating their source code??!!

I was on the german Epson page today because in my mind, my Stylus 670, though printing good quality pictures, always seems to print everything a tad darker than it ought to be.

I got this error message:

This sentence makes absolute no sense at all in German. I did run it through the Heisoft translation software and the english version of the sentence is “Let the requested selecting come in.”.

Let the requested selecting come in? Come in where? And what’s a requested selecting? And how should I let it come in? Geez guys.

On another note, now that I have finally stopped blubbering over Coco’s sudden departure, we have a new guest. A lady brought us a young song thrush half an hour ago. We took her to have the vet take a look at her as she has somewhat of a swelling behind her head. Most likely, she was in the clutches of a cat at some point. She is already advanced enough in development so that raising her should be no problem.

Here a photo of an adult song thrush, courtesy of Birds of Britain.

A lovely song bird!