Frechheit (Such Impudence)

All summer, I thought I had stopped receiving a tv-guide to “Premiere” because they were kind enough to give me three months of free service (because I “bought” the Digital Box in order to stop paying rent on it which I have been doing for ages). Since I like having a guide to what I can watch on Premiere, I thought I’d call customer service last night to see what was the matter.

It turns out that they have discontinued the free tv – guide and are now offering only the “paid” programming guide which also includes all the non-premiere channels. The lady kindly told me I would just have to pay 2,80 € a month for the guide.

I am sorry but there is something wrong with this picture. I am paying 33,00 € monthly for Premiere – and they want me to pay an additional 2,80 € just so I can get a program guide to see what is on?


I am In An Incredibly

bad mood and have been all day. Am not sure why – somehow I can’t seem to get to the bottom of it. Maybe it’s just hormones.

Probably the only drawback of the hysterectomy I can think of is that, when you have mood swings, you have no reference or any sense of timetable to be able to say, “well, might be PMS or so”.

It has just been one of those days where I question everything including myself, have doubts about everything. Tomorrow will surely be better, but for now I am going to watch TV and feel sorry for myself.

The Good Thing About Having A Dog

is that he will make you go out at least once a day in any kind of weather – even 46F and drizzling. I am always reluctant to head out when the weather is ugly – and once I am out, always glad that I went. I guess that’s the plus of the extra motivation to move my behind out the door.

Did some cooking today, roast duck with Semmelknödel (bread dumplings) and Blaukraut (red cabbage). I alternately basted the duck with orange juice and brandy – gives it a wonderful taste. Canard al’orange, the classic french recipe, is made with whole (sliced) oranges but since it is usually difficult (and costly) to get oranges which haven’t been treated with pesticides I just use fresh squeezed orange juice instead. It does just fine.

Yesterday, I was flipping through the channels and “Houseboat” with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren had just started on MGM. It was a real treat – it’s a cute movie – quite innocent times, I guess.

Tomorrow I will (just thinking about this gives me a stomach ache) be taking the plunge and registering myself as a one-person company in order to to freelance work. I have a few offers of projects I have been pushing off – I cannot work freelance without being registered. Plus, earning anything over 165 € monthly is subtracted from unemployment. Thus, I will be making an application to the state for a grant programm they currently have to get people out of unemployment. You get 600 € monthly for the first year and can freelance as your heart desires. Sounds wonderful – but from the 600 monthly, 400 go to social security and health insurance. Meaning, I will only be receiving 200 monthly from then on and need to get out there and get freelance work where I can get it.

Jobs are so scarce at the moment that I’ve really no choice. I thought that in September, with the summer vacations being over, the job market might pick up a bit – but it hasn’t. Of course I could try to get something in Munich, but a daily commute of 70 miles with the gallon costing 4.35$ that is ridiculous. There are more jobs in Munich, but there are also more unemployed.

I have been pondering this for weeks now – should I – should I not – should I – etc. etc. etc.

As the german saying goes – “Augen zu und durch”.

If anyone out there needs ger-engl-ger translation work, marketing assistance, new brochures or a new website, let me know. I am affordable.

Wish me luck.

Did I Mention That The Oktoberfest

started last weekend? No, of course I didn’t. What makes this Oktoberfest somewhat different, is the awful weather we have had the last 3-4 days. It has been extremely windy with gusts up to 40 mph, accompanied by rain and temperatures of around 50F during the day, 42F at night.

Not exactly weather to enjoy oom-pah-pah music, roast chicken and beer by the truckload (or more appropriately, beer wagon).

The city of Munich yesterday issued its concession stands permits to sell Glühwein.

Can you believe that? Glühwein at the Oktoberfest?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Glühwein is a grog made from hot red wine spiced with oranges and a mixture of spices, slightly sugared. Tastes quite lovely, but is usually consumed at the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market).

On another note, the autumn crocuses have been in bloom for almost two weeks now – the meadows are full of them and it looks quite nice.

And here is my laugh of the day, courtesy of Seitherin:

Your Boobies’ Names Are: The Bazoombas

Bazoombas lolololololololol. That’s about how I would describe them. 😉

There Must Be Something in the Water

or so – I had the strangest dream last night. We all (my family) lived in a four or five story building (in the top floor) and everything was fine until I saw a squadron of airplanes fly over. They were strange looking – they had the same shape as a horseshoe crab. Anyhow, they turned and came back and started shooting at our building and the buildings around us. Luckily, we all took cover as best we could and no one was hurt on the first strife. Probably also good that I awoke before they returned.

Yesterday Was Quite An Evening

in many ways. My wonderful aunt Gisi invited me to dinner, we went to eat at a Bavarian “home cooking” type of Gasthaus with some friends and family. It was quite a nice evening with good food and interesting conversation, but I should have seen the rest of it coming when she switched our car keys without me knowing it (we drive the same car and have the same keychain). I walked past her car, onto mine. Pressed the key. Nothing happened.

Pressed again – still no reaction. Decided the battery in the key might be dead and tried to unlock the car the old-fashioned way.


On the off chance that perhaps someone also driving a black Twingo might have parked next to or near me, I went to the front and checked the plates. My car.

As I turned to see what the others were doing, it dawned upon me. I wanted to hit her, but didn’t. They were all quite amused, having watched this spectacle.

When I got in the car and turned on the headlights, I realized it was a bit dark. Both headlights were not working. Wonderful. Drove home in the dark with high beams which was only a problem when I had on-coming traffic – short dark stretches.

We drove back to my place and were saying goodbye when a young couple with a small white terrier approached us, asking us if we knew whose dog it was. He had been literally playing in the traffic on the road and almost gotten hit a few times by cars. No one knew this dog. They could not take him home overnight because they have a dog of their own and only an apartment. So, my good samaritan opened its big mouth and I said well, he can stay with us.

Me and my big mouth.

Tobi greeting him with a friendly wagging tail – only to get nasty growls in return. Of course, then Tobi started growling (which doesn’t sound good – I think he’s a baritone). They started a really ugly fight so we took him over to my father’s and Hilde’s – there, he started “marking” stuff. Hmmmm. What to do. My father suggested that he would find his own way home – I should put him on the leash and just let him lead me.

I did. At 10 at night. Through half of town. He led me straight to one door in a house in a sidestreet, I rang, the man was very nice but had never seen this dog before. I think the dog just enjoyed the long walk with me. Upon returning, my father had decided that we could let him spend the night in the wood shed. While debating the pros and cons of this, he was out in the garden and kept barking that high-sqeak like bark that small dogs have. Loud enough to rouse my sister-in-law out of bed.

We were about to settle him down for the night, when the police department notified us that his owner was on her way to pick him up. Thank God.

Back to my headlights. This morning I checked the fuses. Looked fine. Checked the bulbs. Looked fine. Decided to bring it to the shop. Thought it might be a relay or the switch might be broken.

Mistake. It seems a lot of bulbs were out: both low-beam headlights, the control light for the low beam headlights on the dashboard, and the third brake light was out.

Costo complessivo: 62,66 €.

Exhausted Once Again

I had quite other plans for my day but my father decided it was time to cut the thuja hedge. Regrettably, he ran out of steam pretty quickly so I spent all morning up on the ladder with (alternating) a chain saw, hedge trimmer and a branch clipper. The hardest was the chainsaw ’cause it is damn heavy and I had to lean over the hedge quite a bit to get the thick branches on the other side. By lunchtime I was unable to hold even a bottle of water in my left hand. We managed to shorten the hedge by about two feet, and spent the afternoon collecting all the bits and pieces of it to take to the recycling place.

Am now going to go grab a well-deserved beer and park my rear on the sofa.