The Apple Pie

turned out quite well, considering I have not made one in ages. I will make another this week for us here.

There has not been a whole lot to tell or say (or think for that matter). And, once again I am tired from hauling in the four cords of wood we got today (which I followed up with a long walk with Tobi before it got too dark).

Am going to go park myself on the sofa.


I have spent most of the last three days on the roof of the sauna / woodshed, helping my father to renovate the roof. Quite a few of the boards were rotten and needed to be replaced, but at noon today we finished laying the final roofing felt. It would be more than interesting to know how many nails I have driven into various wooden planks in the last few days.

This afternoon I pulled myself together (after enjoying a hot bath to rejuvenate my body) and did manage to vacuum and mop the floors (despite the fact that I cannot bend over at the moment – something appears to be very wrong with the muscles in my buttocks). Of course, this probably has nothing to do with crawling around on my knees on the roof for the last two days 🙂

This evening I made an apple pie (which I haven’t done in ages) for my cousin’s birthday party tomorrow. I do not have a pie dough cutter so I used a potato masher for making the crust but it worked just fine. I had forgotten the metric equivalent of 425 F, meaning my laptop keyboard was a bit dusted with flour after I had found an online temperature conversion. Damn hot, 425 F. The pie just came out of the oven and looks and smells quite good. I never use shortening for the crust, I always use butter. It tastes much better and I have always questioned the nutritional value of shortening. I mean, it’s just goo, isn’t it?

Dolphins Save Lives

Guardian Unlimited | Life | Dolphins save swimmers from shark: “Move over Rover, let Flipper take over. News from New Zealand suggests man’s best friend is in fact the bottlenose dolphin.

It emerged yesterday that four swimmers were saved from a great white shark by a pod of altruistic dolphins, who swam in circles around them until the humans could escape.

Rob Howes, a British-born lifeguard, had gone swimming with his daughter, Niccy, and two of her friends off Ocean beach near Whangarei on the North Island, when the dolphins suddenly appeared. At first, he thought the mammals were being playful, but he soon realised the danger the swimmers were in.”

Circles of Life

At approximately 10.00 a.m. this morning, I became (once again) a german citizen.

It is an odd, but very good feeling and I need to just let this really sink in.

Having had american citizenship for 28 years and thus for most of my childhood and all of my adult life, this takes some getting used to – though in a good way. And I am smiling as I am writing this.


I Have Stopped Believing

in the efficiency of my electric toothbrush. Yours truly being much too cheap at the moment to replace the worn brush on the electric one, I have resorted to brushing my teeth the old fashioned way with the super quality “manual” toothbrush I bought last winter for my hospital stay.

Seriously, I feel I get a better result the old fashioned way – causing me to question why the electrical ones are propagated by most dentists I know – but that may well have to do with some as yet uncovered dental industry bribery scandal – who knows.

It has been a really goof off kind of day which then, slowly but surely, became a “project” day.

I have a huge CD collection – ranging from Def Leppard to Ella Fitzgerald to Waylon Jennings to Dire Straits to Smetana – well, I think you get the idea. Ever since my CD player bit the dust last year (not totally – it just kept “hiccuping”) I stopped listening to CDs and reverted to my old (1954) tube radio, which has quite a nice sound. This morning, I felt like listening to a CD (Robbie Williams – Swing When You’re Winning) so I did so with the help of the DVD player. It then occurred to me that the right front speaker, located under the floor of the upstairs gallery, needed to be relocated. I spliced some extra speaker wire together and placed it upstairs on the railing. Much better. Then, I decided the left speaker needed to go to the same height, which they now both are, aimed at the (12 feet high) ceiling. Sounds lovely. The acoustic qualities of this house are absolutely awesome. Of course, I spent quite a bit of time adjusting the aim and such and ended up listening to parts of I think about 30 different CDs. When the opening tones of Finlandia came out of the speakers, Tobi awoke quite startled, looked up as though some huge creature out of nowhere was going to eat him and fled into the bedroom.

It all ended up with me late in the afternoon deciding to watch a DVD – my choice of the day (one of my personal all-time favorites) The Hunt for Red October in Surround Sound – wonderful.

I have been a bit of an audiophile forever, I think. I remember the first really decent stereo I bought at the age of 16 with help of the AAFES layaway program at the Munich PX – Kenwood Tower System with cabinet and glass door, and huge Bose speakers. Lol. I don’t think I ever got to turn it up more than a quarter of the way – Mom would’ve shot me, lol.

Though I do remember getting her turned on to Willie Nelson that way. At first, she hated his voice (which does take some getting used to) and at some point, he just kind of grew on her.


Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada:

(…)”In a September poll by the University of Maryland, majorities of Bush supporters expressed support for multilateral approaches to security, including the United States being part of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (68%), the International Criminal Court (75%), the treaty banning land mines (66%), and the Kyoto Treaty on climate change (54%). The problem is that most of these Bush supporters weren’t aware that Bush opposed these positions.”(…)