A Bit of a Rant, and a Question to My Readers

Why is it that the television program guides always have half naked women on the covers? Why? For example, click here. I once got so irate over this that I cancelled a subscription to “TV Spielfilm”. They, of course, were not impressed over my reason for cancelling the subscription and continued this practice.

Why can’t we have a couple of hot and half-naked men on these covers once in a while? Why are we always forced to stare at some model or actress who is half starved has a perfect body, large tits perfect breasts and an obvious risk of skin cancer a perfect tan?

And you know what I suspect, and this is why I am asking my readers – I assume that these tv magazines are bought primarily by women – presumably at the same time they do their grocery shopping. I cannot quite imagine the man in the house going to the store to pick up the tv guide for the week. Correct me if I am wrong.

But if I am right, then why are there always half-naked women on them instead of half-naked men?

So, if you are not living in a single household, then tell me: Who buys the tv program guide in your household?

And, if you happen to be male, do you select which magazine to buy depending on its cover or do you always loyally stick to the same one?

Clear me up on this folks!

A Run-Around Day

it has been. My insurance person called me last night to inform me that I had been rejected by the private insurer because of a knee injury I had sometime back (I have been pain free for two years) – they weren’t happy with the attestation my orthopedic guy had written for them. Duh. Probably has something to do with the fact that he stated had the symptoms persisted, an MRI would have had to have been done and regarding the prognosis, well, he could not say anything about that without examing me again.

Which led me to wonder why he just did not tell me that and examine me before writing the attest.

Needless to say, he has lost a patient and I managed to squeeze into another orthopedic guy’s practice this morning (getting past his “let-me-press-my-lips-tightly-together-
to-show-my-displeasure-with-this-person” receptionist became easy only after announcing I was paying cash.

The doctor was more than happy to x-ray my knee for me and declared the insurance company to be idiotic and my knee in no less than perfect shape. Very pretty x-rays. And all the ligaments are quite fine too. So, I mailed the x-rays off to the insurance company and will fax them the attestation on Monday, and hopefully, they will then take me. Please.

On the motorcycle side of things, I have found out that if I want my two-wheeler to be able to go faster than 45 kmh (27 mph) I need to get a motorcycle driver’s license. Meaning, I am going back to the classroom. Probably a minimum of 5 hours of theoretical instruction, followed by 4 hours of autobahn driving, 5 hours of normal driving and 3 hours of nighttime driving.
Followed by a written test and a 60 minute driving test. All of this might take a while, but I will tackle it. Have already taken care of the vision test this afternoon (which I passed with a perfect mark).

Then, I spent all day trying to get the consulate guy on the phone, but I think reaching the pope might be easier. He was kind enough to drop an email to Washington for me, (the consulate guy, not the pope) as after four months I am still waiting for my de-naturalization certificate. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another four months.

Heading for the couch now.

Motorcycle Mama

The leasing contract on my Renault runs out in June, and after much consideration, I have decided not to renew it and not to purchase or lease another car.

Instead, I have decided to purchase a small motorcycle, or motorized scooter. I am paying well over 200 € monthly for the leasing and insurance, for a car that sits around and doesn’t even have winter tires on it 😉

But seriously, I have decided that I no longer need a car and will purchase a scooter. The only thing I am using the car for is to go grocery shopping, and I do not need to be throwing out that much money monthly just for THAT. If I need to drive somewhere further away I can always take the train or borrow my father’s car.

So, be looking for me on a VESPA near you soon. (Though I think I want mine in red).

Gotta look into side cars and goggles for Tobi, though.

International Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman’s Day

(contributed by Jen)

Today is International Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman's Day, so please send this message to someone you think fits this description.

Please do not send it back to me as I have already received it from a Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman!  And remember this motto to live by:

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"  

Have a wonderful day!

A Sighting

Sitting at lunch today, I wondered what all the ruckus being made by lots of crows in the trees was all about. I thought that perhaps Kuni (my crow) was having visitors – this happens now and then – some crow will come, they will “talk” to one another and then the visiting crow will sit on his aviary for a while.

But it was a raven – a real, honest to goodness Corvus Corax. The big deal? While jays, crows and magpies are abundant, this bird, the largest of the family of Songbirds (65 cm with a wingspan of between 1 and 1.5 meters) is a real rarity here. They were almost driven to extinction in the 18th and 19th century through hunting and poisoning. People used to believe that large flocks of them could kill sheep and other farm animals (which they cannot). They have neither the beak nor the claws required to kill large animals. In fact, Bernd Heinrich observed in his study of Ravens “Ravens in Winter” that upon finding large carrion, they literally go looking for wolves and lead them to the carrion to “open it” in order to be able to have a “piece” of the meal.

And I absolutely adore these birds. Their intelligence and adaptability are legendary. For those of you somewhat new to the blog, I had the honor of spending some weeks this summer raising a young and spunky jackdaw. See the links here, here and the goodbye here.

It’s All My Fault

The snow that is. Yes. It is completely uncommon to get this much snow here, and I am absolutely convinced we would not have near this much, if I had bothered with WINTER TIRES this year. ARRRGGGHH.

No one really knows this, but I will mention it shortly. I am quite often responsible for local weather. Shh. Keep a lid on it.

For instance, in the summer, if it has been too dry and the rainwater for watering the garden is depleted, all I have to do is wash my car. It will inevitably rain. For days. Cleaning the windows sometimes does the trick too. Or planning a special fishing outing.

I also know how to cool off the temperatures in the summer, oh yes. Right down to late fall temperatures. All I have to do is announce to the entire clan, all of my Munich relatives included, that I am planning a grill party. The weather will cool down so fast, you won’t have time to say “Igloo”.

But don’t tell anyone, ok?

Madonna, a Bit Differently

Just for the record, I like Madonna – I like her music and I have always admired her spunk.

However. Per chance, I got to see a bit of “Swept Away” this afternoon and it has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Not only is Madonna a really poor actress (this film just underscores that, once again) but the person that wrote the screenplay ought to be flogged. Oops. Sorry. Just checked IMDB and Ritchie directed and wrote the screenplay.

The dialogue, IMHO, is trashy, boring, unrealistic. There is nothing, not an ounce, not a trace, not an inkling of likeability of the character Madonna plays – not at the beginning, and not at the end.
And the Sailor is a complete idiot – what a waste of celluloid.

Five thumbs down from this gal.

Didn’t Yesterday’s Post

sound just like I stopped mid-way and forgot to continue?

I did stop mid-way. I got interrupted by something or another and then had completely lost the plot so to speak and wasn’t in the mood to recharge my fever ravaged brain, so I just hit the publish button and thought, well, screw it.

Thankfully today, my head seems to be clear for the first time in quite a few days. Which is good because I have really pissed off my health insurance provider and I need to deal with them tomorrow. Because I am now self-employed, I have the option of going with a private insurer instead of the non-private insurer I have had for the last twelve years. This is a good decision, not just in terms of benefits but also in financial terms. My CPA practically threatened to hit me if I did not switch.

So I called them and announced that decision to them. The lady on the phone was aghast and seemed to take it personally and began to rant and rave with comments like “do you know how much that might cost you” (yeah, at least 50% less) and “once you’re insured privately, you’ll never be able to insure yourself otherwise again” (yeah, right) and all that kind of stuff. I listened to her patiently and told her that all I wanted from her at this point was a letter certifying that I had been insured by them through such and such a date. In a now very huffy voice: “Well, you will only get that letter from me after I have received your insurance card and a written cancellation from you”.

Ok, fine. So be it.
Geez, chill out lady.