A Glimpse Into the Forest

It’s just amazing sometimes the things you find on the internet. I am not sure how I found this, but it is a camera (rotating) in the forest with its eye on a wild boar refuge. There are also young boars (which are quite cute, btw.).

Have a look (though at this hour I guess it will be a bit dark in the forest.)


Did my March bookkeeping and was so into receipts and accounts and double balance sheets that I decided to just continue right on to my income tax for last year!

Yuhuuu. Should have done this sooner. This year I should get back more than the 34,43 € last year!

And off to driving school I am………

A Smile Restored

I spent literally half the day at the Dentist’s office. Being there reminded me of just how much I like my dentist and his office and staff. I did have to wait for quite a bit, but they were kind enough to reschedule someone else’s appointment for another day, thus having more than two hours of time to restore my teeth to a state with which I feel comfortable appearing in public.

The silver lining to the cloud? I had a root canal done on this tooth over 20 years ago. Presumably, this is also why I had no pain over the weekend. Since the “tooth” will eventually be replaced by a gold/metal reinforced porcelain crown, I would have had to have a root canal prior to getting the crown – so, I have been spared that. For now, I have a fiber glass peg covered with a fake tooth they made provisionally. Amazingly enough, it looks almost like the original tooth.

The woman dentist that performed this incredibly work of art looked so young that at first I assumed she must be a dental assistant still in school. Just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. She is an incredibly tiny and lithe woman; a very pretty person with upper arms like I would like to have. (I noticed all of this because she spent two hours hovering over me.)

On another positive note, I picked up my “computer” glasses today and they are just AMAAAAZZIIIINNGG. I can see soooo much better. And they weigh almost nothing. I have never held a pair of glasses in my hand so feather light as these. The distance range on them is perfect – I can use them as reading / knitting glasses as well; having thus killed two birds with one stone. Though I would never really kill a bird, but you know that.

Speaking of knitting, Seitherin is knitting a very pretty scarf. I found the pattern very unusual and she was kind enough to post the instructions for it here. Go have a look – it will inspire you to get started with knitting Christmas presents – if you’re a knitter that is.

The Tooth(less) Fairy Wishes a Happy Easter To All

Thanks for all of your wishes and concerns. I am in NO pain whatsoever, I seem to have phrased it too dramatically – he didn’t knock the tooth out, instead he just broke it off just under the gumline:

I had initially thought that my dentist could just glue this thing back on, but have since researched on the internet that broken off teeth die off very quickly (30 minutes) if they are not placed in some sort of special solution. Additionally, since I have discovered that what remains of the tooth in my mouth seems to be splintered into at least two pieces, one of which is wobbly, I am a bit concerned I might lose this one completely. EGAAAAADDDDSSS!.

Since tomorrow is also an Easter holiday, it will be Tuesday before I get to a dentist. I could go to the one that has emergency duty this weekend, but it is a dentist I have been to once and he wanted to redo all eight of my crowns. That was 8 years ago, and those crowns are STILL fine.
I will wait for my dentist to open his doors on Tues.; besides, he specialises in reconstruction.

Meanwhile, I just have to remember not to smile at people (or talk). It startles them.


I apologize for preempting the Avon Lady special, but one of my front teeth got knocked out quite inadvertently while playing with you-know-who and I am feeling a bit like I just stepped out of the cast of the “Beverly Hill Billies”.

More tomorrow.

I’ll Blame it On The Oven

….or the margarine. The second cake layer was not quite as flat as the first, but nevertheless would have won me the “Worst Entry” award in a baking contest.

I even had to borrow a cake platter from my stepmom. What is wrong with me? How is it that I own a TRUFFLE slicer but not a CAKE platter? How did I miss that one during my “Now that I am going to be 40 I have to have silver tableware and proper porcelain” phase I went through a few years ago?

Coming up later in the day (sometime between afternoon and evening CET):
Special Report: Avon Ladies – are they going extinct or have they gone undercover?

In the meanwhile, please go see my “little” brother at his site and help him with naming those 22,300 new house pets in his new apartment.

The Cake That Wouldn’t

Rise, that is. I bought this cake mix to make something special for over the Easter holidays:

(not because it contains Malt Whiskey, no. )

Despite the fact that I followed the instructions for the base of the cake explicitly, as I always do for anything I bake or cook or roast or whatever, the “cake part” turned out only about a quarter of an inch thick. See photo. Cake too flat.

This was frustrating to me, as I always measure everything to the letter. If the cake mix calls for 75 g of butter or margarine, 75 g are going in there – no more and no less. What else do I have a digital kitchen scale for!

So, am assuming it is a cheap cake mix with less than quality ingredients. Will bake another “cake” tomorrow.

(Scratches head).
Wonder what I should do with that flat cake in the kitchen with all the chocolate flakes in it?

There is Something Particularly

lovely about spring and the positive changes in the weather and the way nature always continues pushing forward with its own plans, no matter what.

Last week, there was still a good 1 1/2 feet of snow. The day after it had melted away, all of the crocuses in the garden were just there and blooming. Even the snowdrops had begun blooming underneath the snow.

My 13-year old niece had a “wanting to sit on the porch” fit the other day, dragged all of her parent’s teak garden furniture out of the basement and scrubbed them clean for hours. When I got home later today from a trip to Germany’s version of the “Home Depot”, I was astonished to see she was carefully and thoroughly giving them a new coat of stained teak oil.

I could not be outdone by a teenager, of course. I proceeded to get the high-pressure water sprayer out of the basement. After removing the most of the dirt and gray “wood scale” on my terrace furniture, I scrubbed them and will be oiling them as soon as they’re dry – no sooner than Saturday, however, for we are having the Bavarian version of sunshine tomorrow (Bavarian sunshine is liquid and manifests itself through droplets of moisture mysteriously falling from the sky).

I am looking forward to “living outside” again in the warm summer months. Now if I just remember to get a long enough USB cable for my DSL modem, I can work from there when the weather permits.

What a thought. Sigh.