Oh, what lovely weather we are having. I skipped the jeans and got right into my shorts after my morning shower. Temperatures are almost like summer – should be in the high 70s today.

The tulips are in full bloom, the tomato plants (10) have been placed on the south wall of the house, the Datura has been brought up from the basement as have all of my geraniums and fuchsia. I love this time of year, I really do.

We have had very clear air for the last few days, meaning the alps are clearly visible and look as though they are just across the next pasture from here. The majestic view of the blue-toned craggy peaks still covered with snow, combined with the green pastures full of yellow dandelions in the foreground is just lovely.

Oh yes, about the Sonderfahrt. I need to log twelve (5 overland, 4 autobahn, 3 night) of them before being able to take the practical motorcycle test.

And today, accompanied by this exquisite weather and scenery, I get to drive the first two overland hours. Splendid. Breathtaking. Yeah!
*again jumps up and down, gleefully waving mc helmet*


What a day.

And it started with a bowl of Cap’n Crunch!!!!!! Brought to me from the states by an acquaintance of mine, the last leg of its journey being finished with the help of my aunt Gisela.

I felt like a kid all over again. Wonderful. Hmmmmmm.

And German Chocolate Lady guessed properly. Though I must say to Katya, that a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme would not have been left uneaten by me either!

I will now go research ants on the internet (since I suspect the ants in my bathroom are eating the walls). They keep shoveling dirt-like stuff out of the cracks, and aren’t responding to ant poison. Since I live in a wooden house this is not good. I rarely see any in the kitchen; they tend to go for cat food more than anything sweet.

Then I am going straight to bed. Drove the mc for 1.5 hours today. Followed by more office work and three hours of fishing with nothing biting for anyone on the entire lake.

The great news that I got yesterday about my tax refund was balanced out through the “rejection” letter I received today about a very lucrative and long-lasting translation job.
That’s life. Gotta take it as it comes.

It Worked

My instructor actually let me leave the parking lot today. We drove a bit through town and then out into the country. I did 80 kmh with no problem, and then he prompted me to rev her up to 100 kmh without shifting up. 7000 rpms, quite a feeling. Whooohoooooo! (*jumps up and down waving helmet*)

On a completely different note, you will never guess what I am having for breakfast tomorrow.
Never. Ever. It is something NOT available in Germany. Something I have been craving. Something very American.

Ok. Here is a hint. It is two words and they both start with “c”.

Have a go at it!

A Letter to My Dear Driving Instructor (The Voice)

Whilst I sincerely appreciate your efforts and am well aware of YOUR capabilities AND your 26 years of experience in driving a motorcyle, I may remind you that I am a clutzy, uncoordinated and sometimes frightened woman of 42 years of age.

I am also an intelligent being. This means that I usually notice having left the turn signal on AT THE SAME TIME you do and if you REMIND ME ABOUT IT 80 TIMES, I will be concentrating so hard on whether the turn signal is on or not or should be or might be or ought to be, then I might well FORGET to pull the CLUTCH or look over my shoulder or ACCELERATE improperly.

If you are telling me that after the next U-turn I need to reach a speed of 45 kmh, pull the clutch and begin to brake AT THE POINT ON THE SIDEWALK AT WHICH YOU ARE STANDING, letting go of all brakes at the first cone, swinging to the left to avoid collision with imaginary object, followed by swinging to the right to get back to the other side of the next cone, braking, switching back into first gear, setting my turn signal, looking over my shoulder and making the next U-turn, etc. etc. etc…… if you give me ALL of these INSTRUCTIONS and then chide me for not properly carrying out the exercise, which I didn’t do because YOU WERE STANDING WAY SOMEWHERE ELSE having a CHAT with another person……well, consider yourself kicked in the shins. On both sides.

To put it short, these 12 sentences, which so often fall from your lips, do not, I repeat, DO NOT need repeating.

1) “Give it a bit of gas when starting off!”
2) “Turn off the turn signal after the U-turn!”
3) “Turn off the turn signal after the U-turn!”
4) “Turn off the turn signal after the U-turn!”
5) “That was too fast.”
6) “That was too slow.”
7) “You braked way too hard – didn’t you notice the rear wheel had blocked?!”
8) “You braked way too soft.”
9) “Turn off the turn signal after the U-turn.”
10) (While carefully passing a fellow student also on the practice road):”What are you waiting for? C’mon, accelerate!”
11) (After having just completed the U-turn at the beginning of said practice road, while said student was at the other end of it) “STOP! STOP! STOP! Never enter a practice road when there is another student on it! STOP! Stay there!”
12) “Turn off your turn signal.”

Thank you.

If I Were A Book

I would be….
(I “copped” this from Seitherin)

You’re The Poisonwood Bible!

by Barbara Kingsolver

Deeply rooted in a religious background, you have since become both isolated and schizophrenic. You were naively sure that your actions would help people, but of course they were resistant to your message and ultimately disaster ensued. Since you can see so many sides of the same issue, you are both wise beyond your years and tied to worthless perspectives. If you were a type of waffle, it would be Belgian.
Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Proof That I Have The Laziest Pets in the World…

….and, what happened to my tulips?

Here is Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2: (yes, she has taken up permanent residence here, much to my delight)

And now, to the tulips. Years ago I planted tons of tall, purple tulips. See those red ones further back?

I never planted those; they used to be purple – I swear it! Anyone ever heard of tulips changing their colors over the years?

Ack! Puberty!

The number of pimples I have at the moment is nothing less than astounding. I get pimples now and then as everyone does, but presently, if it weren’t for my Avon Beyond Colour Perfection, I would look like a measles or chicken pox victim.

I assume these are stress-induced, as that is the only thing that usually causes my skin to act up.
Oh my god, maybe it’s caused by hormonal changes – meaning – menopause? At 42? Naaaahhh.
Will put that thought right back into the bottom drawer of that vast filing cabinet sometimes referred to as my brain.

As All of You Can Tell From My Posts

it has been a quiet and uneventful week – almost always positive, when things are quiet and uneventful.

As opposed to the eleven hours of motorcycle instruction last week, I only had four this week – but all of them on the “big” machine. It’s a blue Honda Hornet with a 600 cc motor and 70 KW. For all unaquainted with these terms I will just say that 70 KW is considerably more horsepower than my automobile has, though my car weighs four times as much as the motorcycle.

I got respectful when the instructor advised me not to take the engine over 6.000 rpms regardless of which gear I might be in, as that is the point at which the motor “really kicks in”. The rpm dial on the dashboard goes to over 14.000 rpm. I took his advice.

Surprisingly, I handled the motorcycle quite well. I even managed to get the rear tire to block while practicing emergency stopping yesterday, and it did not phase me a bit.

Today, the instructor decided to drive it with me on the back, showing me just how much you can lean into curves and de- and accelerate. He’s a maniac ;-), but it was fun and it made me much more relaxed about handling the bike.

Regrettably, my next lesson is next Wednesday, which is five !!!! whole days away and the thought of having to wait soooo long before I get to continue is just bugging me.

How’s that for a turnaround of emotions?