My Nose Tells Me

that somewhere in the vicinity of my desk, there is a mouse silently decomposing.

No, it isn’t that I am a poor housekeeper, it’s just that Miez thinks it a wonderful idea to reward me with mice. She came in through the cat door yesterday evening, mouse in mouth, I failed to get her to give up the mouse and she exited said cat door with said mouse.

So, I followed her into the garden and startled her into letting the mouse go, distracted her long enough for the mouse to make a quick exit into the hedge. Tobi looked on with a quizzical “what on earth are they doing” gaze.

For the past two days, it has smelled around my desk. I know the smell of dead mice. Pauli used to bring them in the house too.

I cleaned, vacuumed and wiped down everything, removed everything from the cabinets and bookcases, all to no avail. Though I am not of the faint sort, I cleaned behind everything very gingerly, fearing a reach behind the floor bookcase might cause me to reach into a quivering mess of decomposing rodent, but found nothing.

So. Now that I have ruined everyone’s lunch or breakfast, I will continue searching.

Certain Family Members

have begun phoning me, their first question being “are you still alive?”

Of course I am. Or do I appear to be a suicidal maniac? No. Well, then.

Saturday we took this road:

And it brought us up here:

And today, I am extending my lunch hour to allow for us (stepmom too) to go eat here.

I am thankful that the temperatures today are remaining somewhat cooler, as over the weekend we had temps in the upper 80s. I know I have been pleading for spring/summer weather, but the cruel jump from 48F on Monday to 88F on Thursday is a bit extreme.

Oh, What Days

I have managed to put a total of 500 km on the Kawa this week; here an example of the things I tend to see on those “mini-tours”:

Notice that lovely mountain range in the background?

Cows. Lots of em. Love it.

It has just been wonderful. Thursday evening, we packed up my Stepmom (she rode on the back of my father’s Honda). We took it slow and easy, did some mountainous terrain. She was a bit uneasy but enjoyed it nevertheless. Though she did admit that she took in none of the breathtaking scenery as she felt she needed to concentrate on the road. This too shall pass, I think. She’s a champ. How many 66-year olds do you know who would voluntarily hitch a ride on the back?

I spent another 2 1/2 hours in the dentist’s chair yesterday. Apparently, the technicians who are making the crown found that the dentist left too much tooth (hard to imagine – there is hardly anything left). Great. More shots in the roof of the mouth and in the front. More drilling. Ugh.

Followed by an entire day yesterday of diagnosing an electrical problem with the Kawa. During the outing on Thursday, my rear light and rear brake light stopped functioning. I replaced the burnt-out fuse at home, the new fuse blew immediately. My father, bless his heart, measured all wiring, could not find anything wrong. We assumed it was the electrical distribution box, took it out, drove it to the Kawa dealer who connected it to another GPZ – nope. Box was fine. Back home, measured and wiggled and looked and searched. Eventually, at 8 in the evening, we gave up. I was planning on taking it to the dealer in the morning. We reconnected everything, sprayed the contacts with contact spray, reinstalled the tank and the side panels.

Suddenly, it worked again. Strange. Very strange. Will keep an eye on that.

And the weather continues to be absolutely divine!

Been Busy

You surely can guess, I think. I have ridden the MC for over 400 km in the last two days. Headed up to the alps, did some smaller mountains, countryside, and such. Just trying to get a feel for “my MC”. With every kilometer I am more confident, more comfortable, and just enjoying the hell out of it. Will post a few pics tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here a really funny video clip: (not of me)


Little To Report

But I did get around to working a bit on the scarf today in between the cleaning and the ironing:

IMHO, Seitherin’s white version is prettier. I think the yarn I am using is just too thick (I can only do three iterations of the pattern, otherwise it would be too wide).

But I think little Miss Emma will like it.

He Passed! (I didn’t expect any less)

I got “bumped” off the Friday driving test list but my father didn’t (isn’t life unfair?).

He said that the tester from the TÜV was of the nicer type and the 60 minutes went around without a hitch. The tester was also somewhat impressed with the fact that a 64-year old was getting his motorcycle license.

Luckily, yours truly gets to have the same tester on Monday.

And I need all of you to cross your fingers for me Monday afternoon. Just in case.

The person who absolutely made my day: Ms. Mac.

I mentioned our Book Exchange sometime ago, I think. The European English Book Exchange, currently with a small and intimate membership; we exchange the english language books we’ve read amongst each other.

Quite as a surprise to me, Ms.Mac sent me the “Da Vinci Code” which I had mentioned wanting to read in a comment on her blog sometime ago. Along with the book, I received a lovely bookmark and some real swiss chocolate. Hmmmm. Thank you!!!!!!!

Put quite a smile on my face, she did.


Could We Just Have a Little Bit of Spring Weather? Please?
Pretty Please with Sugar on Top?

The rain is driving me crazy. The inconsistent weather that we have had for the entire lovely month of May is making me nuts. Thankfully, starting tomorrow, it is supposed to get better.

Up to now, the week hasn’t been a real blast.

I had a meeting yesterday with a potential client who wanted to pay me an hourly wage of less than what a cleaning woman makes. He wants someone to do technical translations and redo the website of his company. Yeah. Right. For 8,50 € / hour. Sheesh.

Today, I had a double driving lesson (in pouring rain). We spent most of it in the parking lot, practicing the “fundamental” things which you have to do for the driving test; cones at walking speed, cones at 30 kmh, emergency stop within a certain amount of distance, lots of that kind of stuff. Some of which is not as easy as it sounds and it’s definetly a good idea to review all of that before the test.

When the instructor asked me if I wanted to have an additional lesson before the test (which has been bumped from Friday to Monday), I said yes – I wanted to review some of those wicked one-ways and and tricky right-of-ways in the city. So, for the last half hour, we went there. And I did fine. Drove well, did everything by the book. On the way back, he told me to turn right onto a road (I had a yield sign). I slowed, looked left, saw nothing, looked right, saw nothing, and just for safety looked left again. And there was a car coming, so I did stop.

And suddenly, quicker than you can say “jackass”, the MC and I were lying on the pavement.

I didn’t get hurt (being as I just tipped over) but the front brake lever broke off. My instructor didn’t say much (which is worse than anything), I drove the Hornet back to the garage.
Still don’t know what the hell I did wrong. Left foot down instead of right foot, perhaps I popped the clutch and the steering was turned too much to the right. Whatever.

And tomorrow I get to open my mouth for two whole hours at the dentists. Yippee.

So, how was your day?