My Weekend

and some pictures

I had an appointment with a new customer on Saturday afternoon half-way between here and Munich, so I seized the opportunity of “practically” being in Munich and continued on to visit my favorite aunt Gisi and to install her DSL connection for her.

She had been accessing the internet on my old 56k modem with her 400 Mhz computer; needless to say, snail mail was faster than her internet.

It took me a while to get it set up, especially trying to get around the heavy weight software of AOL, but we got it working and she can now surf the internet at the speed of light.

She treated me to a nice dinner of various cold cuts and garnishes and then I headed for the ride home, as I was there with the Kiwi and once again, thunderstorms were in the forecast.

There were none, and I got home safe, sound and dry.

On Sunday, I was in complete “lazy day” mode and managed to wash and polish my motorcycle before I even bothered to brush my teeth. Ooooohhhhhh. Yeah. After a nice lunch of grilled steak and fried potatoes I decided to treat myself to a nap and turned on the TV, expecting it to drone me into heavenly slumber. Instead, “Tootsie” was playing and though I had seen it years ago I was so drawn into the charm of “Dorothy” a.k.a. Dustin Hoffmann and watched the movie to its end.

Later, I did an extended bike tour to the edge of the Alps. The weather was breathtakingly beautiful. Not even a hint of rain πŸ˜‰

Here some pictures from a few weeks ago. On most, click for larger.

This is the carving that I bought at the flea market we spontaneously stopped at a few weeks back.
A view of the Lech River in FΓΌssen. The greenish color of the water is characteristic of the river, caused by the algae the river collects in the mountains, where it is not more than a mountain stream.


A view of the Tyrolean mountains before the big rains came.


My two biker companions.
The Plansee, a lake which we somehow almost always manage to pass on the way home. It lies on the German/Austrian border a few kilometers south of the Ammerwald and King Ludwig’s Hunting Lodge, a.k.a. Linderhof.
As most mountain lakes, the water of the Plansee is very clear (and very cold).
And this is the guy who was miffed at being left alone most of the day and thus, decided to repossess my bed πŸ˜‰

Super Glue is Dangerous

Teaching Tobi how to close the front door went well, but he closes it with such force that the entire front wall of the house shakes and as a result, on Friday evening a little ceramic bird fell off the window sill and broke in two. (Speaking of which, I am going to have to make sure that my 1910 chiming wall clock is mounted properly – it also hangs on the inside of the front wall of the house.)

Found some super glue but, as with all super glue that has been lying around for more than a week, the lid was glued to it. Tightly.

Not wanting to give up, I thought I was being smart and just punched a hole in the tube. It took about 20 seconds for me to realize that both of my hands were covered in glue.

I made sure to let them dry (while spreading them apart, as I have no need for fins) and got a sheet of 120 sandpaper.

It took a while, but I got all of it off.

Might not have any fingerprints at the moment, but I hear they grow back πŸ˜‰

When I was living in Chicago, I heard on the radio about a guy that accidentally squirted some in his eye. They managed to fix that in the hospital, however. Which amazes me, because as far as I know, the main component of super glue is also used in some biological tissue adhesives in medicine. Then again, glued tissue is usually reinforced with sutures.

Whatever. πŸ˜‰

Teaching a Not-So-Old-Dog a New Trick

A short outing on one of our “Hausstrecken” (favorite routes) yesterday was rudely interrupted as so many have been recently, as the CDI on my father’s Honda Honbaaahh Transalp intermittently stops working, causing one of the two cylinders to completely quit working.

Meaning that you are forced to ride your motorbike through the countryside in complete “grandma” fashion, at such low speeds that even the elderly Opel drivers (who always wear hats, for reasons unbeknownst to me) can pass you. How embarrassing. How humiliating. πŸ˜‰
(Well, it would be rude of me to just take off and leave him behind, wouldn’t it?)

So there I stood on the parking lot, while my father began to remove the side panels and seat of his motorcycle to get to said CDI. I waited patiently, took in the countryside around me, and spotting a group of bavarian cows on the other side of the road, pondered the pressing questions of modern life such as “How come some cows have horns and some don’t?”

I really don’t know the answer to that.
And I won’t embellish on the ride home as it was a comedy of errors, to put it mildly.

However, yesterday evening, I managed to teach Tobi to close the front door. More often than not, he wants out several times in the evening to get a drink of water. His water bowl in the house can be freshly filled with clear and cool water from the tap and he will ignore it nevertheless. Tobi prefers to drink only from the pond in the garden.

So, when I let him out I usually leave the door open so that he can come back in without me having to get up; however, eventually it is too cold outside and the door needs to be closed, forcing me to get up again anyway.

I showed him three times that if he just “smacks” the door with his paw, the door will close. That was all. He will now close the door if you ask him to.

This, of course, was celebrated with lots of praise and many dog cookies.

Picture Update

For comparison to “normal times”, some pictures of the river.

First the normal view, the other at 9.00 a.m. this morning.

Notice the bridge way in the background of this picture:

It looks like this now.

This is the view from the bridge:

And this is the sad dog who thinks his favorite river is “broken”.
(This is the road leading to the river).

Land Under

It’s been raining without interruption and at times quite heavily since Saturday and will continue to do so until tomorrow, which is why I don’t quite understand why the radio continues to add a weather forecast to the news every half hour.

Either way, it has gotten very soggy in some parts of Bavaria. In Garmisch, the main street is flooded and closed as rivers all over southern Bavaria are rising above their banks and flooding adjacent areas.

Even “our” river has risen from its usual 80 cm to 347 cm this morning (that’s from 2 1/2 feet to over 11 feet) and I am hoping it will stop, of course. Otherwise they will close the road (which is one of the main roads here) for fear that the flood waters might take the bridge with it.

Even if it weren’t raining, it would be impossible to take the Kiwi out for a breather as many of my favorite mountain roads are closed due to floods and mud slides. The mud slides, in fact, making such an endeavor, life-threatening and stupid, to say the least.

Summer, where’ve you gone? Sigh.

A New Look

Well, as anyone (who is not using IE) can see, I’ve done a redesign of the blog template.

Problem is, with IE, the page is all mixed up.

So now what? Do I hope that all fellow bloggers are using Firefox or Opera?

Or need I continue to tweak to get it display on IE? (And I have no idea in hell why it isn’t displaying properly).


If I Were a Car

I would have lost at least a third of my total resale value in the last two weeks. (That is not counting the value already lost due to age, general wear and tear and excessive mileage.)

With two bruised knees from my mini-crash and that lovely cut across the bridge of my nose from where the car “bit” me (yes it is still there – it was quite deep and is taking time to heal) combined with the thousands (ok well maybe hundreds) of mosquito and gnat bites, I am quite a sight at the moment.

Not to mention the itch factor. I repeatedly find myself standing in line at the grocery store, gritting my teeth together and avoiding scratching anything even though the itch is bad enough to make you want to walk on the ceiling.


It will be very quiet around here for the next two weeks as my brother and my SIL have taken their four kids (and a cousin) on summer vacation to Croatia. Their van was quite loaded, a very large green canoe on top and a small trailer in the back. Quite the holiday sight.

Though it’s the Adriatic Sea, you couldn’t pay me enough to spend two weeks on holiday with five children. I’d rather sit here in the rain (yes, again and at least until Tuesday) than submit myself to torture. I like children, I really do. But after a maximum of four hours of shouting and making noise and hopping around my nerves need a break. Two weeks solid would probably get me into the nearest neurological clinic. πŸ˜‰


I bought new mascara at the drug store last weekend. I can do without most makeup but eyebrow pencil and mascara are a must, as I am blond and have no visible eyebrows or lashes otherwise and thus feel as though I look like Mia Farrow (whom I can’t stand) without them.

They didn’t have Loreal, which is my brand of choice, so I went with Maybelline – a brand I fell out of love with at 16. Since it’s been a number of years, I decided to give it a try and bought, as always, black and waterproof.

Imagine my surprise when I stood in front of the mirror, and suddenly had a brush with WHITE mascara in my hand. “Well, this is interesting….” I thought to myself and read the label. Turns out it’s a two-step mascara. First, you apply the white “microfibres” and let them dry, and then you go over that with the black brush on the other side of the tube. Quite interesting.