Three Signs

that I am definitely getting old:

1) I appreciate the effects of long underwear (even wool) this time of year.

2) I wake up every morning at 6.30 a.m. automatically, regardless of whether it is the weekend or not.

3) I own a radio-controlled weather station (indoor/outdoor temp, humidity, barometric pressure, sunrise, sunset – the whole shebang).


First Snow

All is white outside.

I am sure it will be gone by noon; though it is very cold outside, the ground is still too warm for the snow to stay for very long.

For some reason, I am actually looking forward to the quiet and peace of winter this year.

Catching Up

(and promising to better myself)

The days just seem to zoom by at high speed – and nothing has really moved me enough to want to write about it.

Thus, I present to you my new roommates. They won’t be still long enough for me to photograph them properly, so I filmed them:

And I promise there will be more subsequent posts, all about my sinuses, the butterfly that wanted to spend the winter in my bathroom and my new John Williamson CD.