Been Busy

But I am proud to announce that I finally managed to buy bathroom cleaner. Not a difficult task, you think? Ha! Think again.

For years – lots of years, buying glass cleaner or bathroom cleaner at my local discount grocer’s has always been very easy, as the glass cleaner is blue and the bathroom cleaner is yellow. Always has been. Except for now.

Some some bored-to-death marketing genius at the manufacturing company came up with the idea that ladies get bored with yellow bathroom cleaner and blue glass cleaner. Suddenly, both cleaners are available in blue, yellow and (yes) purple. Thus, the last three times I meant to buy bathroom cleaner and just grabbed the yellow bottle I came home with glass cleaner and now I have enough in stock to clean all my readers’ windows. (No, I won’t – don’t even bother asking).

And it’s stress like that which I don’t need in my life right now – stop screwing with my brain on those color coded cleaners that aren’t anymore! It is snowing again, meaning I am probably going to be suffering from a major depression. I started my taxes Friday morning but then quit at noon to continue fixing someone’s computer which took until today at noon meaning my house looked like absolute crap until this evening, and when I went grocery shopping this evening I managed to buy some sushi for tonight for me and cookies for the office for the japanese visitors we are expecting in the office on Monday but forgot that it is my turn to cook tomorrow and that I have nothing to go with the steaks I bought on Friday but I did manage to bathe the dog, wash the sofa blankets, vaccuum and found my computer glasses in order for me to play a round of computer yatzee which only made me realize that I am completely unable to focus on what is it that I want if all five dice I get on a roll are different.

Am going to go chill out.


I’ve had the kind of Sunday today which I love. I stayed in my pajamas until noon and played Anno 1603 and the rest of the day was similar. Though, I’ve got some ironing I will do in front of the TV tonight.


Because all of that snow that is melting, going for Tobi’s daily walk down by the river is a messy thing. Mud combined with snow and ice, does not make Tobi’s belly real nice. So, on the way to the front door after our walk today I mentioned getting a towel to scrub him off a bit, but he didn’t want to come inside yet. An hour later, he was nowhere to be seen in the garden, so I went next door and it seems he associated the word towel with the word bath and took refuge at my father’s house to avoid the dreaded bathtub.
Dogs. Go figure.


I was absolutely delighted yesterday evening when I discovered my local (right around the corner) supermarket now stocks frozen Sushi. It was sooooooo goood. Will be having that more often. I’ve actually figured it’s the best lunch to take to work. Sushi. Yes. Did I mention that it was superb? Mmmmmmmmm.


Regarding my lemon tree – I’ve had it for at least 8 years. It spends the cold half of the year indoors and the warm half outside on the terrace. And I have been racking my brains over what to do with all of those ripe (8) lemons 🙂

Speak Up! (whoever you are)

(though I’ve got an inkling)

I received a package today containing this mysterious black velvet object:

This is what was inside of it:

It’s a most excellent real mexican Tequila. The birthday card (my birthday is four weeks away) that was included was not signed, but I think I know who sent this. Will have to check that hunch per separate email. Either way, this most excellent tequila will not be “wasted” on Margaritas – it will be enjoyed pure. How’d you know all the lemons on my tree are ripe????

Thank you!

Weather Complaints Justified, and a Pot of Soup

I checked. The snow has been lying about since November 18. Yesterday for the first time in ages, we had temperatures above freezing and it rained and thus, the snow is slowly but surely disappearing. Enough so that I could see that my crocusses are about an inch out of the ground. Yeah!

I bought this on Wednesday:

Shrimp, fish filet, octopus and calamari. I bought it to make a fish soup, and I must say, it’s the best (first) I’ve ever made. I served the soup with lightly buttered toast and it was a truly tasty treat I’ll have to make again soon. I should have taken an pic of the finished product, but it got eaten so fast that I didn’t even get to think about photographing it.

BBC News – Bird Flu spreading

BBC NEWS | Europe | Bird flu spreading across Europe:
“….Two swans found dead in northern Germany have the virulent H5N1 bird flu virus, officials say, marking the first such cases in the country.

The birds were found on the island of Ruegen in the Baltic Sea, off Germany.

Hours earlier, Austrian officials confirmed their first cases of bird flu, also in a pair of dead swans.”….

Not only does the fact that the virus can be deadly to humans scare the hell out of me, it also breaks my heart for the wildlife affected.