Update Please?

Update March 24: Could someone please let me know what is going on?

Word has just reached me

that my sister-in-law has just been brought to the delivery room.

A word to my brother – In this day and age of high-tech, I expect at least one photo of your daughter no later than tomorrow morning CET ;-P

Wondering Where the Weekend Went

I gave myself the day off Friday, but two of my customers kept me hopping nevertheless and I ended up working until half past six, tapping my feet to the wonderful “Best of Robbie Williams” CD which arrived in the mail on Thursday, courtesy of Ms. Mac (again, thank you!).

I didn’t do any celebrating on Friday but did invite my father and Hilde to dinner on Saturday. The entire day was kind of lost, somehow – I shopped for Friedl, took all of my plastic and paper and stuff to the recycling place and got the house into shape.

I spent all of Sunday morning doing work for another customer but nevertheless managed to bake a bundt cake (the top of which stayed in the pan, much to my chagrin). I covered it with powdered sugar and it didn’t look quite so demolished then.

Met up with the Munich relatives at Friedl’s, where we had cake and coffee and generally a giggly, good time as always, when you throw us all together in one room.

And now it’s Monday morning and somehow, I am just soooooo tired. Yaaawwwwwn.

43 Years Ago Today (with a correction)

it snowed. A snowy winter Sunday. My mother went into labor during breakfast, making everyone in the family very nervous as she insisted on finishing breakfast before getting into the car and making the journey to the hospital. But that’s typical mom, really.

I gave her a really rough time – she was very ill after the birth, weakened by a great loss of blood. Yours truly was fine, having her first look at the world at 17.35 CET.

I know that life must have been hard for a single mom back in 1963 – but thank you, Mom.

Thanks for having me. πŸ™‚


I stand corrected. Just shows you how much myth and fantasy make their way into your memories.

Here is Gisi’s version – and she remembers exactly, because she was there:

“It was a cold, grey day, but it did not snow and there was no snow on the ground. Your mother went into labor at 5.00 a.m. and our dad drove her to the hospital. By the time we got up, he was already back home.

You were born at around 5.00 in the evening – your mother was in labor for 12 hours. They had to give her blood and she was not well the first days following your birth. This was also the reason that you were not breast-fed.

The day you came home from the hospital was a sunny spring day. I came home from work, and you were there. You had a pretty, oval-shaped head, cute little fingers and were incredibly cute. We all fell in love with you right away.

Then, you got the hiccups and my sister M and I got nervous and wanted to call the doctor, but your mother and grandmother were very relaxed and just laughed at us.

As you grew up, you got cuter with each day and I have many memories, you running across a meadow, the first steering attempts in my old Ford Transit, etc.”

Thank you Gisi, for straightening me up on this πŸ™‚

I’ll Never Have To Buy Soy Sauce Again

At the rate I am eating sushi, that is. Any Japanese people out there? Hello????? I need an answer. The little sushi packages I buy from the freezer section of my supermarket contain everything you need to eat sushi: chopsticks, ginger, wasabi, and one of these:

Cute little plastic fish containing soy sauce. I really can’t imagine that sushi should be eaten with soy sauce, as the strong aroma of the sauce would overtone the lovely taste of the fish. I am assuming this is a western touch which has been added – anyone out there who can clear me up on this?

Anyhow, I am collecting these little guys. By the time my bottle of Kikkoman is empty, I can refill with these πŸ˜‰ They are kinda cute, aren’t they?