Changing the Subject (because I desperately need to do so)

The trees here are showing their first tinges of green and will probably be completely foliated by next week. We’re having a bit of a rainy spell, including over the weekend, which is unsuitable for biking but very good for nature at this point.

Once again, Bavaria has gone from full-blown winter (last snow on April 14) to early summer, skipping spring alltogether. Temperatures have been in the 70s, even when cloudy and I was glad to finally have packed all of that bulky clothing and sweaters into the back corners of the closet.

My tulips are starting to bloom – this year there are even more red ones than last year. Long-term readers will remember that I was a bit surprised last year that some of my once-purple tulips were coming up red – they do seen to change colors over the years. Strangely enough.

I will be spending the next few days doing my various tax returns as the weather is perfect for this task and the deadline is quickly approaching.

Oh, and I’ve coined a new phrase. (keep your hands to yourself, it’s all mine).

“Tashing” – that’s what it’s called when smokers hold their keyboard upside down and tap it lightly on to the desk in order to remove the accummulated ashes. I’ve already tasched this morning, yes.

Heartbroken, Hurt and Angry

Miez is dead.

We found her drowned in a rain water collector.

Stupidly, the owner of the rain water basin failed to put a two x four in it and/or failed to cover it.

Fucking stupid. Tragically sad.

I’m feeling so empty.

She deserved better.

Little fighter that she was.

I’m crying.

Endorphins Galore

Tirol was beautiful – just as I remembered it from half a year ago. It was just undescribably beautiful and wonderful to be back in the mountains on two wheels. Gosh, it was good to get back out there :-)))))))

Here are some of the things I saw:

There is still a lot of snow by the side of the road, but the spring flowers aren’t letting themselves be intimidated.


A snowy mountain peak in the Namlos Tal (Nameless Valley).


And another one, one of many.





Look at this heap of snow by the road.





Here, a view of the Plansee, which still has ice on it.









Sunshine and a Whopping 59°F

We had our first lovely day yesterday and I spent most of it outdoors.

Here some pictures of what I saw:

There is still lots of snow in the mountains, barring my entrance on two wheels.


The first wildflowers are starting to make their way through the grass.





In the morning, we took a long walk through the nature preserve at the south side of the lake and I managed to capture this little chaffinch on camera before he flew away.


Good work done by an apparently very eager beaver.


One of the many great cormorants which live in a colony in the nature preserve and are currently very busy breeding. Quite large and quite funny looking, they always remind me of pterodactyls. The local fisherman are always at odds with the cormorants, as they tend to eat lots of fish.





We discovered this goose in a field next to the river and approached it carefully, as it seemed ill and was oddly enough, completely alone. Upon further inspection, we discovered the “stump” on her left leg. It was well-healed from what we could see, and though she had a bit of limp, did quite well walking, so we left her.
































All in all, a lovely day. We managed a second long walk in the afternoon with Tobi, after an extended ride out with our bikes :-)))

Everyone is Waiting for their Ogo (including me)

What’s an Ogo? It is pictured here. It’s actually nothing more than a scaled down blackberry for “Joe Normal” and is actually called Pocket Web. The Swiss version is called Ogo (but doesn’t include web browsing as the german version does).

What is it good for? That’s easy to answer. It has an email push and web browsing for a flat rate of 9,99 / monthly. Meaning, I can receive my emails everywhere, regardless of where I am, and without a PC.

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I Really Don’t Have a Life At the Moment

So there isn’t much to post about. I had no weekend whatsoever to speak of, so wtf.

Only noticeable thing worth mentioning, is that my hair has been bothering me – there was just too much of it. Constantly putting it up or braiding it or wearing it a pony tail and all of that shampoo and conditioner and what not.

So I cut 15 cm off of it. That’s about 6 inches.With much protest from the family, but I am pleased with the result.

To be honest, I didn’t want to be like one of those people who look really great from behind, but when they turn around you are startled because they’re 40 years older than you expected. Know what I mean?

Well, here’s the result, and I’m pleased with it.
(Self-Portraits are always difficult, I am afraid).