I have been looking so forward to spring, but it has left us, it seems. It has been raining for over a week and even before that, the merry month of May wasn’t the best, in regard to weather.

It got even better yesterday when we had temperatures of 41F, it rained, hailed, sleeted and the snowfall height dropped to just around 700 meters (I live at about 650).

On the other hand, I should consider it positive as had the weather been wonderful, I would have hated it for not being able to get away on my motorcycle. My schedule at the moment is a brutal one, and I am looking forward to getting some undisturbed time off at some point in summer. In fact, I desperately need a break, I really do.

We had a holiday on Thursday and in the morning, the rain paused, allowing me to take a long and lazy jaunt down by the river with Tobi. In the afternoon I caught up on sleep and then tried to get the house into some sort of order resembling civilised living.

Here a few pictures:

A beautiful little snail which was crossing the road. I picked her up and carried her to the other side when I had finished fotographing her.

The sight of dark and gloomy clouds in the sky has grown regrettably familiar. Everything is very green due to all the rain, but I find myself longing for incredible heat and dried out, yellow lawns.

An Update on the Bear

He has fled back into Austria (thank goodness) where he may also be shot on sight.

They found some fur of his and did a DNA analysis. His name is JayJay1. It turns out that he comes from an Italien group of bears which is part of a re-populating process in Trentino. Apparently, his mother was also a very aggressive bear and taught him all of the wrong things (meaning, the bear can’t help it – it’s how he was raised). Animal groups are trying and hoping to catch him alive, and get him settled in a wildlife park north of Munich. Let’s hope they succeed!

click here for the complete article (in german). Hey, I didn’t feel like translating it 🙂

Complete Idiots (or at least one)

With amusement and much excitement, I followed the news this weekend about a brown bear in northern Austria which was making his way north into Bavaria. There hasn’t been a brown bear in Bavaria since the last one was shot in 1835.

Seems the bear made his way into the Garmisch region yesterday, and managed to kill seven sheep. Quicker than you can say “hungry”, the Bavarian Minister for the Environment, Werner Schnappauf, has officially given the all-clear to shoot the bear, stating it is too dangerous to for the populace.

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My Brain is a Sieve

All day yesterday, May 20th, I kept thinking “there is something on the 20th”, “what is it that is today” and similar thoughts.

All Day.

Someone please give me a dunce cap.

Yesterday was the lovely Ms. Mac’s 23rd Birthday (or the 10th or so anniversary thereof 😉 and my nephew’s 10th birthday.

So, forgive me for my alzheimers moments and take this birthday wish from the heart:

Happy Birthday Ms. Mac!

Since May 5th…

I wrote about the merles (Amseln) breeding in the small cypress in front of my porch on May 5. I have been observing them regularly as they take turns sitting in the hot afternoon sun or in the cold morning rain, diligently breeding those eggs.

It just about broke my heart this morning when there wasn’t a bird to be seen and all the eggs (5) were gone. I suspect it was a marten, as I found droppings on the porch which were unmistakable.

That is nature, however. As cruel as it can sometimes be.

Here’s a photo I took of Mr. Amsel as he sat chirping by the kitchen window a week ago:

A Fleamarket of Sorts

I went to a rather large Fleamarket yesterday (kinda funny that it’s called the equivalent in German – Flohmarkt) which was being held under the theme of “Recycling/Reusing instead of Throwing Away”.

Which is a nice concept, though the trinkets and assorted drinking glasses and old cherry keyboards and outdated mice and all – that is the kind of stuff everyone has at home, so they won’t likely be buying it at a flea market.

Though I guess along the lines of the german saying “Es gibt für alles einen Liebhaber” which loosely translated means “There is a liker for everything” people were buying stuff.

Here’s what I bought:

These four absolutely tiny spoons are silver and are perfect for espresso cups/saucers. (2 €)
The seller added this cake shovel (also silver) for free.
A perfectly good pair of poultry sheers – needed for all those ducks I roast (3 €).
And this brass ashtray (it’s actually prettier than in the picture) for my desk for 3€.

I also bought a few paperbacks, as summer is approaching fast and that is always reading time for me. I left all the rest of the “Kruscht” behind.

In Other News

I got a speeding ticket. I got “blitzed” (they take pictures of you from the side of the road and that is what it is called – translates to “flashed” due to the flash of light, I guess) back in April while I was returning home from work at lunchtime. I was hungry. That’s my only excuse but as anyone who knows me personally is aware of, don’t mess with me when I am hungry. I only have one goal then, one thing on my mind.

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By Now, an Annual Event

Tobi decided to dig a hole in the garden this week and promptly managed to tear one of his claws. The only thing the vet could do is to remove the entire “nail”, and so he is, once again, hopping around on three feet while holding up the front left one, bandaged and adorned with the Bert & Ernie sock from last year.

Unless you aren’t looking that is (or at least he thinks you aren’t). It is then apparently no problem whatsoever to walk normally on all fours.

Dogs. Go figure.

This is the pic from last time around.

It’s Here

My Ogo (a.k.a. PocketWeb) finally arrived at noon yesterday, and I must say, it is the coolest thing I have ever owned. O.k., maybe not THE coolest but it is absolutely awesome. Small, compact, solid-construction, easy to use – I love it.

There is something really cool about having e-mail and web browser in a gadget that fits into your jeans pocket.


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Allerlei (German for Potpourri)

Being the procrastinator that I am, I did not do my taxes last weekend. The weather just got too nice and I just had to get on that Kiwi and have a ride through the Allgäu.

Meaning that yesterday, when the weather was very perfect and my father and Hilde headed into the Karwendel Mountains, I took the laptop outside and did all of my tax returns sitting on the porch. Dutiful gal, aren’t I?

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