Time Flies

I have been having age issues. Nothing serious mind you, but an assortment of aches and pains which at the moment seem to constantly remind me of the fact that I am no longer thirty.

Combined with a few pictures taken on the motorcycle outing with all those Honda dudes which left me looking less than flattering, IMHO.

Topped by an email from amazon.com with personal recommendations which was full of books titled “Life begins at 50” and similar.

Of course, the rational side of my brain points out, that the genes in our family are such that we tend to age more than gracefully.

I am getting rid of all my short skirts nevertheless. Can’t wear them on a motorcycle anyway 😉

Out of the “Cool Internet Stuff” Department

Want to have a look at Munich?

Do you? Well, then click on the picture below. It takes you to a webcam mounted on the Olympic Tower in Munich and you may get into a “virtual” line. When it is your turn, you may rotate the camera, zoom in and out or have a look and see at whatever your heart desires.

Neat idea! (Update 2015 – Link has gone lost 🙁

Seeing Mom Again

Update: Motorcycle Tour with Mom through the lovely countryside this morning. (Details later, but she enjoyed it) ! Yeah, Mom!

I can now finally write about why I have been spending so much time cleaning and had no time to post here.

My Mom is visiting from stateside – flew in Thursday and came to stay with me yesterday – I haven’t seen her in five years. It was a surprise visit for most of the family, especially for Friedl, who has her 90th birthday today. There will be lots of family, from all over, celebrating with Friedl this afternoon.

Pictures later.


Have I Mentioned That

the weather sucks rocks? Yeah, I guess I have.

And since I have spent all weekend doing some major spring cleaning and have absolutely nothing even remotely worth saying, I will share some pics with you.

I had a basket of walnuts from last fall which I placed outside
for the birds to get themselves. This nuthatch had quite a blast.
Soon, there was competition
from a sparrow – look at how attentively he is eyeing the situation 🙂
– lots of freshly hatched ones on the east side of the house. They’re absolutely tiny.

Despite the weather, my geraniums are in bloom.
Down by the river this afternoon.
The sky, was again full of threatening, grey clouds, which were very low.
The Alps, however, were getting sunshine
and it made for some interesting viewing.
Everything was grey in grey – but the mountains managed to have sun shine on them.

Guess I am Getting Old

The company I have my part-time job at is manufacturer of industrial devices. The four young men which work in assembly are all well-mannered and nice. Usually.

I had a conversation with one of them in the course of the week about the weather. When I mentioned that 85F would be more my thing than the cold rainy weather we were having, he said “Yes, but then you wouldn’t go out in it, would you?”

I told him “of course” and asked him why he thought I wouldn’t.

His reply?

“Well, that makes you one of the very few older people I know who go out in hot weather.”

Next time I ride the bike into work, I think I’ll run over him with the Kiwi a time or two.