I called my gyne this morning to schedule a routine checkup. The girl that answered the phone mentioned other doctor’s names, but not his. So I asked.

And he has retired.


I have an appointment in September but I have no idea who it’s with. This means I am having to go to a complete stranger for a checkup. I don’t know why that bothers me, but it does. It didn’t matter to me that a complete stranger did my hysterectomy – go figure. Well, the surgeon was not a complete stranger, I did see him once briefly before the surgery – but he was a bit of an arrogant you-know-what, and I was glad to be rid of him.

I will miss the wry, ironic humor of my old gyne that I was so fond of.

World Cup (con’t)

It took me a good night’s sleep to get over the shock of the Germany/Italy game. I think it wouldn’t have been such a punch in the stomach if the goals had occurred sometime during the game – but two minutes before the end of overtime – whoah.

Either way, they did well, got much further in this tournament than most people thought they would and Klinsmann really made a team out of this very young assemblage of soccer players. Kudos to him and to the team for what they have accomplished.

I was glad to see Zidane and his team make it to the final game – and will be rooting for France on Sunday evening. A last great victory for Zidane before he leaves the playing field forever – that would be quite nice.

And Germany should, of course beat Portugal for 3rd place, but I think I said something similar about Italy…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

May the best team win.

In Between all of the Soccer

I managed to do something to my back on Saturday morning which gladly, was better by Sunday but just to be on the safe side I stayed off the Kiwi, thinking that all those manhole covers (and there are thousands – you never notice that when you are in a car) would not be conductive to getting my back well again.

Instead, I decided to take a looksee around the garden to see what has been growing and changing:

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More football in 45 minutes. First, England vs. Portugal and then France vs. Brasil.

Have I mentioned that I am a complete fan of Zidane? I have? Oh, then never mind ๐Ÿ™‚

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