Beautiful Blue Skies and 45°F

Well, I guess that is something, isn’t it?

Where is my sweater? Seriously, there is a green sweater that has gone completely missing – I have looked everywhere.

So, where do sweaters go? Is it like the disapearing socks in the dryer?

Am now turning on “Turbo” work mode so that I can get outside this afternoon 🙂 – sweater or not.

Europe’s Father-In-Law

Christian X of Denmark is often referred to as that. I had a chance to watch another episode of the discovery series about Christian X and his descendants (which are represented in most all european monarchies, hence the name).

Among others, Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederik (Denmark) were interviewed in the series and I daresay, Frederik is quite a cute fellow.

Yes, that is all for today. End of broadcast from cold, grey, rainy Bavaria.