Don’t Put Toiletpaper in the Card Slot

Just a word of advice, really.

The day promised to be rainy and gray, so I decided to take care of cleaning the windows and doing my enormous pile of ironing, whilst watching or listening to something on TV to entertain me.

I had already removed the first set of curtains from the windows to wash them, when I looked at the TV, wondering why there was no signal – my D-Box (Digital Pay TV Receiver) indicated that my card was not inserted properly. I pulled the card out, wiped it off on my t-shirt and reinserted it. Same message.

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Fragments of Thought

Pope is in Bavaria #STOP# Am not going anywhere near Munich or Regensburg in the next few days #STOP# Have decided to take three months off at some point in my life to ride the TransAlp to Kathmandu* #STOP# Weather is wonderful #STOP# Am terrible person, have missed another child’s birthday** #STOP# Must urgently finish knitting those retirement socks #STOP# Father’s latest post-chemo check went very well, resulting in celebration yesterday evening #STOP# Have made peace with myself for selling the Kiwi #STOP# Absolutely crazy about my Red Horse (Transalp) #STOP# Life is good #STOP#

*Just need to figure out how to get around Afghanistan
**Emma – lots of love and hugs for your 9th!

That is all for now. 🙂