I didn’t write that post (below) – it was out of the archive, but strangely enough, it posted itself as a normal post.
Don’t ask me, I just write here now and then.

I guess I got glad too soon about all of the madness of work being over; it isn’t quite yet. However, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are holidays and that is something I have been looking soooo forward to. A two week break from work, telephone – peace on earth, if you will.

Yesterday was a day which seemed taken from a poor comedy; it started with me doing a partial water change on the aquarium and forgetting at some point that I was pumping water into the aquarium and going to the basement to look for something and coming back into the house to see the aquarium just, well, overflowing all over the place. The rest of the day? It got worse.

I am still not smoking – is that amazing or what? The weight battle, however, has kept me busy. I have managed to not gain too much; the pants are tight, but they still fit. That has cost sacrifice, however. No more Wurstsemmeln for breakfast, instead, Müsli. Lots of salad. Salad for lunch, salad for dinner, snacks consisting of fruit only. Sigh………