Texan Guy is Back

*waves to Mark* Thanks for stopping in! Actually, I think in Dallas it is colder than in Bavaria. Our daytimes have been around 50°F with our night times a bit frosty. No snow to speak of, everything is wintergreen (yellow).

This has become the world’s most boring, most neglected blog.

I must admit, the last few weeks I have been relatively busy with myself. Still not smoking any cigs but fighting the weight battle big time. I have, with a few holiday exceptions, stuck to my müsli and salad and more salad diet, and was very proud to have managed to maintain my weight over the holidays. Since the holidays, however, I have managed to lose 2 kilos (that’s about 4 lbs) and I am very pleased and surprised at my perseverance.

I joined Weight Watchers to get rid of the rest of my weight. It isn’t that bad actually, another 5 kilos (10 lbs) and I am happy; however, my thought was that WW might be of help in getting rid of it without having to starve to death while doing so. So far, so good. I manage to spread my 19 allowed daily points so that I can really eat something decent at lunch, leave breakfast at 30grams of müsli and have a salad in the evening. Will keep posted on that – however, I must admit, losing the weight has, up to now, been easier than I imagined. It just takes one hell of a lot of self-discipline, and a firm resolve to avoid all bakeries and go through the grocery store with blinds on.

Work has slowed, at last, allowing me to settle into my old routine (which was getting up, having some coffee and checking the blogs before I hit the shower). That routine was replaced mid-last year by getting up at six, getting some coffee and starting work. I hope that things continue as relaxed as they have become and that I am allowed to have a life this year. (And to get that dusty old bike out of the garage).

And to be here more often and check in with you folks more often.

Gotta go hit the salad. Yum.