The (Almost Forgotten) Pleasures of Fall

Anyone who knows me will tell you that while I love the warm spring and summer months, the dreary, cold and wet fall and winter months tend to introvert me and dampen my mood.

This morning, I rediscovered the joy and comfort of hopping out of the shower and getting dressed in front of of the wood burning stove, in which a quite nice fire was roaring. I’d really forgotten how pleasurable that can be.

It isn’t really cold enough here yet to warrant a fire in the morning (about 40F); however, we had a really wicked storm with sleet, thunder and lightning in the early morning hours, causing a complete power outage at 5 a.m. Being worried about the aquariums, I wasn’t able to go back to sleep so I stayed up, promptly being presented with the problem of how to get my morning coffee without power.

With help of a small espresso cup to support the pot and seven tea candles to serve as a makeshift stove, I was able to get a pot with some water boiling in order to make coffee from some older instant cappucino that I still had in my cupboard. (Because I had stored the cappucino powder without the lid, it tasted quite like the fennel tea residing in the same cupboard, but it was coffee nevertheless).

Since I continued to keep water warm in this fashion, most likely hoping that some cup of coffee I made would not taste like fennel, the bottom of the pot got quite sooty after a while. This, combined with the candles I had lit in order to avoid stumbling over the dog or the furniture in the complete darkness, got the house smelling smoky and sooty, so I left the front door open for quite a while to at least get the place aired out a bit. Thus, I lit a fire to keep the house from cooling down completely.