From the Police Report (funny)

This is an article that appeared in the June 16, 2009 edition of our village newspaper and partly because it hangs on the bulletin board above my desk, where it often catches my eye, but mostly, because I want to share the laugh, here is a rough translation:

Fish Poachers
“Ammersee–In the night from Friday to Saturday, two tipsy students from Maastrich, Netherlands, aged 22 and 25, pilfered a small rowboat which had been docked near the campgrounds in Utting. The two tourists rowed about the lake for a while, then discovered the net of a local fishermann near Breitbrunn. Despite the fact that they were not in possession of a valid fishing license, they proceeded to pull the net out of the water and took eight whitefish from the net, intending to grill them later. The net was damaged severely in the process.

In the meanwhile the fisherman to whom the net belonged had appeared on the lake to begin his morning fishing and saw the two poachers.

Hardly Able to Row

Because the fisherman did not have his cell phone with him, he pulled the two tourists out onto the middle of the lake in order to prevent their fleeing. The tourists did not know how to row properly and thus, the fisherman had time to return to the shore to call the police. He then returned to the rowboat, where the two tourists had, without avail, attempted to reach the rescuing shore, and towed the boat to the shore to await the arrival of the police.

The fish, by now dead, had been thrown back into the lake by the students, who were temporarily taken into custody by the police and released after posting bail. The damage to the net is estimated at 500 €. The police are conducting an investigation of theft, poaching and property damage.”