Es Kann Doch Nicht Sein,

dass uns im Herbst die Bundesregierung mit der Laufzeitverlängerung der Atomkraftwerke vorgaukelte, wir benötigen alle AKWs als Brückentechnologie.

Wie erklären Sie dann, Frau Merkel, dass nun 7 alte Meiler vom Netz sind und in Deutschland die Lichter nun doch nicht flackern?

Glaubwürdigkeit? Nein.

Um vom Verhalten dieser Bundesregierung im Sicherheitsrat mal ganz zu schweigen.

I Believe I Have

now broken all previous records of absence from this place.

Alas, I am alive and well as are all those close to me.

Stumbled here yesterday quite by accident as I had misplaced a recipe for Malaysian Curry Chicken and could have sworn I posted it at some point, but apparently not, as I did not find it. What I did find were lots and lots of posts (quite old) which reminded me of how much I used to care for this blog before I let it descend further into complete neglect.

I won’t make any promises to myself (not to readers, as surely there aren’t any after such a long hiatus) about being here more frequently – I’ll just let it come as it may.

Though I could think of a few things to write about.