Happy New Year

with much health and happiness for everyone.

I think New Year’s Eve is my least favorite holiday of all. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am not a party person.

I don’t get the part about celebrating the fact that another year has gone by, when our time on this earth is so limited. I have learned to be thankful each New Year’s Eve that another year has gone by without any bad news (or Hiobsbotschaften as we say in German, a literal translation of which would be Job’s news).

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Germany culminate in fireworks and champagne toasts at midnight (or are just getting started at that point, depending on whom you’re hanging out with).

I’m not sure if I’ll stay up to see the New Year in, it will be here when I wake up tomorrow and I can greet it then.

Happy New Year, everyone!

It Was a Quiet and Merry Christmas

….which is just the way I like it. The weather made it seem more like Easter though, but that isn’t a complaint.

My computer has been turned on for the first time in three days, during which it (and I) got a Christmas rest.

This gave me time to check out what is on sale at the AppStore, and I discovered a game for my iPad that is the most fun I’ve had since Super Mario Brothers hit the scene some 30+ years ago.

The game is called Leo’s Fortune and is not only challenging and fun, but a feast for the eyes with the lovingly detailed graphics. It is (at least in the German AppStore) on sale for a mere 0,99 €, down from 4,99 € (even at that price, you will get your moneys worth).

It’s the most beautiful and most fun game I’ve come across in decades.

It’s available for all platforms, as far as I can tell from the game’s website.

Scaring Myself Silly

I made apple jelly yesterday. I still had all of those apples from our trees in the refrigerator, and decided on the jelly in lieu of the apples going bad and to waste.

I found a very interesting recipe for the apple jelly, it includes lemon rinds cut into very thin stripes and chopped fresh basil, as well as half a cup of dry white wine. The recipe sounds very odd, but the apple jelly that ensued is phenomenally delicious.

When I make jelly or marmelade, I’ve always got a second large pot on the stove filled with boiling water sterilize the glasses and lids before I fill them.

I completely forgot that I had placed that amazingly large, dead spider in an empty jelly glass for possible further photographic use and startled quite badly when there was suddenly a huge spider floating in the water (no, not in the jelly).

Silly me.

Regrettably, the spider has now been ruined beyond repair.

Where Does Stuff Go?

I suspect that my house has been “eating” various items. Amongst the things that have completely disappeared in the course of 2015 are an expensive pen (I spent three days looking for it) and a manicure tool. I ended up having to replace both, as neither ever turned up again.

I need a crossover ethernet cable for a direct connection between my NAS and the MacBook and I actually have one. Somewhere. Maybe.

Way back in time, when my (previous) ISP wasn’t actually busy polluting the world with its omnipresent dial-in CDs, it was busy preventing its customers from accessing their internet connections from more than one PC. Yes, really. I had a desktop computer upstairs and the laptop in the living room, and both could not go online at the same time. The ISP didn’t allow it. Thus, I set up a proxy server, successfully circumventing this prevention, and at the time I recall needing a crossover ethernet cable to do that.

Wonder where that cable has been hanging around the last 17 years? I sure could use it now.

O.k., that’s it

(warning, contains explicit language)

…now I’m angry.

You know what I got in the mail yesterday? A magazine which I am not familiar with. Across the title there is a sentence that says “The Lust for Life is Timeless”.

According to the front page, it contains articles such as “Us Women around 50”. The woman on the cover of the magazine is an attractive one, apparently mid-50s to 60 years of age.

But you know what really got me? What really rattled my chain, what really pissed me off (no pun intended)? It included samples of a sanitary product for bladder leakage. Yes, you read that correctly.

Thank you. I feel really good now. Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh. On the other hand, yes I do feel good. I am not in need of such a product.

Looking at the editorial page, it turns out this is the first issue of a publication issued by Procter & Gamble, “made especially for you”.

P&G, I am never going to buy another one of your products ever again. Even if that proves difficult. How dare you be so presumtous as to assume that because of my age I want to read a magazine that contains bladder leak products and articles about how to prevent hair loss? Fuck you P & G. And how did you get my adress anyhow? And how come you know my age? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

Christmas Can Come

The deep-frozen alaskan king crab legs have been delivered (they go for about 40 € per pound here – which is why I eat them only once a year) and I finally got my Christmas decorations up yesterday.

Here is a small sampling of my decorations. I play with them as often as possible, trying to summon that Christmas spirit.

No, I have no idea why it is sideways. Story of my life at the moment.

Frost as thick as Snow

When I got up this morning, I thought it has snowed in the night as there was a thick white covering on the rooftops, the hedge and everything else. It was still dark, so I only discerned that it was only frost once the sun came up. Time to get out the long-sleeved undershirts, I guess. Brrrr.

I have a game tip for everyone who has an Apple or Android device. The game is called “Monument Valley” and it is intrinsically beautiful and unlike any other game I have ever seen. Check it out at the link above. Last week, it was free of charge in the AppStore, perhaps it still is. Even if it isn’t free any longer, it is definitely worth the purchase.