We Didn’t Start The Fire

according to Billy Joel. But I think we’ve been overusing the bellows on it.

From the rise of Trump to the dead children washing up on turkisch beaches, from the bombing of schools and hospitals in Syria to the right wing hate and violence in Saxony. It makes me want to go back to bed permanently and pull the covers over my head to make the world go away.

I’ve managed to impress four different physiotherapists this week with the hardness of the muscles of my neck, which are apparently responsible for pushing my vertebrae into each other. I’m loathe to do all of the exercises I’ve been shown, but I think it might be in my best interest to do so.

That is all for today.



I always thought

that felting was a weird fad that would go away at some point, but it didn’t. I mean, people were making things like flower pot covers and shopping bags – seriously?

At some point, I discovered small “portions” of felting wool at a store, and decided to give it a shot and do felted slippers. That was three or four years ago, and the slippers I made were the warmest I ever had. Since they have been completely worn out by yours truly, I made a fresh pair (before felting, they were about 1 1/2 feet in length):


Felting is kind of fun, because you get to work with really thick yarn and 8 mm needles, so the projects go fast (even though everything gets knitted very, very oversize). The fun part is opening the washing machine to see the final, felted product.

Weird Weather

It’s February, but I have the front door wide open and am letting lots of spring-like air into the house. It makes me sad that Tobi can’t be here to enjoy that, he loved lying in front of the door and observing the world outside.

We are scheduled to get temps of up to 65F today and have lots of sunshine, after weeks of gray wintery skies.

Spring is a time of renewals and fresh starts, and so I shortened my hair by about 20 cm this morning. I desperately needed a change, and I was getting tired of all that hair anyhow. Amazingly, it’s still past shoulder length, so I think the cut was definitely in order.

On Friday, just to get out and away from the painfully empty place that my house has become, I visited a museum in downtown Munich and got to admire lots of beautiful works of art, as well as the original “Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh. I was quite moved, as it is one of my favorites.


Life Waits For No One

And so I’m trying to make some sense of mine and get back into some sort of rut. Thanks to a few public institutions which have gotten up my gdander (thanks, you) in the last few days, I’m back in the rut. They had me virtually spitting nails about a few things, and anger can be a very good friend, when rechanneled into productivity.

On the homefront, I’ve absolutely got to make another pair of felted slippers, as the last pair I made for myself have definitely seen better days. I’ve worn them out.





It will probably be a few more days before I resume regular blogging.

Though things are getting better, I am still having difficulty  recalibrating myself to the new center of gravity, if you will.


The last four days have been, well, anyone who has ever lost a pet will know how they’ve been without me saying so. Sharing every minute of virtually every day for 15 years with a dog, especially one so gentle and dear, will leave a hole as big as a crater not only in your heart but in your life.

I’m concentrating on pulling myself together. I’ve been able to write this without the tears coming, so I will consider that to be a bit of progress.

I want to thank everyone that has shared in my grief and has helped with kind words.

There is one person in particular, you know who you are, who has been virtually holding me and my hand in getting through this. You know who you are, and you have been awesome, and I am eternally grateful for everything.