Some Dictators Are Just So Sensitive

In response to the very controversial deal that the EU has made with Turkey (the gist of which is, you keep the refugees away from Europe, we’ll give you lots of money), there has been a lot of coverage of Turkey in the press these days, and rightly so. With some strange results.

The Turkish President Erdoğan actually called in the German Ambassador last week because of a brilliant video that was produced by a (one of my favorite) german political satire shows and demanded, the video be deleted.

In response, the producers of the satire show added subtitles to the video in english and in turkish, and the video went viral in Europe yesterday. (If you don’t see the subtitles in the video, you’ll have to turn them on by clicking the white rectangle at the bottom of the YouTube bar under the video)                                    ↓


Oldies But Goodies

I hope every one had a nice Easter with lots of eggs and candy. I had neither 😉

But I did have something good. I dusted off the Wii and spent some time playing this wonderful, 25-year old game:


That is Super Mario Brothers 3, from 1991, and it is still loads of fun.

I’m so glad that Nintendo made it possible to purchase some of the older games from the NES System for play on the Wii Console.


My decreased blog activity is a direct reflection of my lack of inspiration at the moment.

The only interesting thing I can share today are pictures of silly fish. When I do a water change in the aquarium, I place the pump in a bowl in the aquarium to prevent the pump from taking up sand while pumping water out of the tank. My fish always think this bowl is really cool and take turns “sitting” in it while it is there.



No, that isn’t an injury on the fish. It’s a reflection of some flowers in a vase in the dining room.

Bones Older Than Mine

I took my birthday off to visit the Paleontological Museum, which was a very interesting outing. The skeleton in the picture is not a mammoth, but a pre-historical elephant. The skeleton was discovered in Germany and is dated at an age of 12 million years.
Notice also the pterodactyl skeleton in the upper right of the picture. Quite large.


So, yes, I felt young for about the wink of an eye.

In the evening, we did a birthday toast with that lovely blue beverage – it is absolutely delicious.


Spreading Sunshine

A very long-time and dear friend brought a lot of sunshine into my life yesterday with this totally unexpected early birthday gift:


I’ve uncapped it to have a sniff and satisfy my curiosity. It smells fabulous. I’ll see how it tastes tomorrow 🙂

You, my dear friend, amaze me. And it always floors me how we still understand each other so well, despite the fact that we became such good friends at the tender age of 14 – and despite the fact that the last time we saw each other live and in person was about 1977/8. People change with the years that go by, but amazingly, our friendship hasn’t changed.

Thank you for making my day – and thank you for being such a good friend.

New Fuzzies

I’ve still got quite a bit of sock wool lingering about, and stumbled upon some fuzzy Regia that I hadn’t knit into socks because I had only purchased the usual 100g, but the sock yarn stated on the label that 150g were required for a pair.

I decided to knit a pair anyway, deciding to start at the toe and knit my way up, thus avoiding running out of yarn. The shaft turned out long enough though, I think.

Knitting socks from the toe up is easy, btw. Just cast on 16 stitches, knit a row, and then in each alternate row, increase 4 stitches at the same location you would normally decrease when knitting them the other way round, until you have the normal number of stitches on each needle. The only pitfall might be that you actually have to be observant about where to knit the heel. I accidentally knit the first heel on the side of the sock and didn’t notice until I was quite far up the shaft.

Daft, I know.

Here are my new fuzzy socks.



That will be the last of knitting for a while. The posture of knitting (and reading, and computing) seems to aggravate the problems with my neck.

Made For Blondes

Back around Christmas, when a major online retailer had lots of specials going, I bought an electric kettle, as boiling water for tea on a glass-ceramic stove takes time.

Luckily, the one I purchased seems to be made for people who have difficulty grasping complicated things, and has a row of LEDs that indicate the approximate temperature of the water during the boiling process:

Water is cold.
Kinda getting there.
Just about to boil.

My ROFL-Copter goes
soi soi soi

Translation, for those who aren’t into internet speech, ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing Helicopter.

A long, long time ago, way before Siri and other voice-text tools, there was Microsoft’s Sam, a tool to convert written text to spoken text.

People have always been creative, and with the help of the decrease/increase voice speed control, this very funny video was made and posted to the internet, ages ago.

I still think it’s funny. Made me laugh. The ideas that people get. Enjoy.

I’m Generally A Skeptical Soul

…about many things, including UFOs. I’ve seen loads of documentaries about them, some interesting, some not so, and while I generally never believed any sighting was real or could be explained away through other phenomena, I now think otherwise.

A documentary about UFO sightings which is available on YouTube at this link came to my attention.

What makes this one different, is that a whole bunch of professionals – retired generals from the air forces of various countries – high level government officials of various countries – and various scientists – to present their evidence and in some cases their own experiences – then, it’s a whole different ballgame, in my opinion.

Have a look and see for yourself. There are commercials in the video, I’ve excused it, I can see that someone making feature length films needs to finance them somehow.

Oh, and if this ends up being my last post, then you may assume I’ve been abducted by aliens.