One Year After

I always knew that at the end of our shared journey, one of us would be mourning the loss of the other. I am relieved that it is me that is mourning, because I would never, ever have wanted you to have to feel the excrutiating pain that has become the essence of the me that I am without you by my side.

I love you. And miss you still, terribly, each waking moment.

There is a hole in my universe which can never be filled.
By anything, nor anyone.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Maybe it was the hot weather the past summer, I don’t really know. This is a picture of my lemon tree (in its winter quarters).

I harvested well over 2 pounds of lemons yesterday, but will be turning them into lemon marmalade, instead of lemonade.

Homegrown, organic lemons.

Need a laugh?

Have a look here.

A dutch comedian concedes to “America First”, but in a beautifully made video, pleads for “Netherlands second.”

(Only the first 30 seconds or so are in dutch with english subtitles, the remainder is in english).

Oh Marten

There have always been martens on and around the property, and though I am fully aware that they like the taste of some rubber automotive parts, they’ve never touched one of my cars. So, when I checked the fluid levels this morning, I made a suprising finding.

On the underside of the hood, there is a mat attached, for thermoprotective purposes, I guess. There have been holes in it before, which I’ve always contributed to mice in the past.

This morning, the holes were a bit larger and there was a huge hose laying in there:


It’s about 35 cm long and I looked and looked, but have no idea where it is supposed to go. The engine ran fine for my small trip to the grocery store, the heating worked (thank goodness, we had 14F this morning).

Here’s the hose in its entirety.

I was able to do a internet search on the part number, but all that told me that its a “hose”. Duh. Looking through most of the 700 page repair manual for my car also revealed nothing. So, I’m off to my trusty mechanic on Monday.

Martens, sheesh.

A Music Recommendation

Just in case you haven’t heard of it, there is a website called that is, in its own words, a place to “Discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it.”

There are lots of terrific artists and really good music of all genres to discover, and you can listen to the majority of if it full length for free.

And if you find something you really like and decide to support an artist, it’s not expensive (at least for the most I’ve seen). Lots of artists ask for a minimum of $2 for their albums, though you have the option of paying more if you’d like to do so.

Go have a listen. Oh, and there’s an app for Android and iOS if you are so inclined.

The Kitchen Sink

I actually managed to install the new kitchen sink just before Christmas. (The old one was a white sink, made of synthetic materials, the surface of which after about 18 years had become porous and thus highly susceptible to staining.)

Though the job, which should have taken no more than half an hour, ended up costing me an entire afternoon and a trip to the DIY store.

I started at 3 p.m. The new sink was delivered with it’s own p-trap and all that other junk that leads the water from the sink to the other plumbing (I’m lacking the proper terms for all that). Either way, using the new plumbing accessories wasn’t making it possible to connect to the existing pipe on the wall. I tried a combination of old and new. I went to the basement and retrieved an assortment of plumbing accessories, sat on the kitchen floor surrounded by pipe segments, siphons and p-trap and tried to make it all fit, to no avail.

After buying the needed fittings at the DYI, I got it working at around 7 p.m., stiff and sore from kneeling/sitting/crawling on the floor. But, got it done, and that’s the point, I guess.

The New Year

I don’t think there is a time of year that is more bleak and melancholic than the first working days after a long holiday break.

Every now and then, a bit of sunshine breaks through the muck, though. Here’s an embed of it, in case you missed it.

Winter Games

As I usually do around the holidays, I’ve been playing games. There are so many awesomely innovative and beautiful games out there for little money, I’ll share some of my recent favorites with you here.

I dug out my favorite from last year, Leo’s Fortune, and gave it another go (even though I finished it last year). It’s available for all platforms and I can only highly recommend it.

I finally got around to finishing Machinarium (all platforms) by Amanita Design which I started last year. It’s a rather unusual game with a world that is a feast for the eyes and lots of puzzles and riddles to solve, some that are actually very humorous.




My favorite game this year is by far, however, Samorost 3 (also by Amanita Design) also available for all platforms. You play as a little space gnome, help a crazy scientist build a spaceship for you, and then go off to explore various worlds, filled with riddles and surprises. An absolutely beautiful game that also contains a card riddle which blew me away (you can see a bit of it in the video clip below).