Got inspired

…by the knitting calendar yet again. While I am still in the midst of the dark blue version of this alpaca sweater, I was presented with a pink version of “fingerless mittens” (which I choose to call wrist warmers. Later in the kalender there was an egg-shell colored version of these, albeit without a thumb, so I combined and extracted from the two patterns to make the prettier eggshell version with a thumb:

The second one is about half way done. I just have to remember to place the thumb on the other side instead of going completely mindless while knitting away.

The beautiful pattern on these was designed by Clara Masessa (link to her on Ravelry.



A Touch of Spring

Mine are nowhere close to this, so brazenly without even asking permission, I’m sharing these from my friend Jen (pictures by Emma).

There is a small knitting project interrupting the sweater, but I’ll post about that tomorrow.

I’ve gotten so incredibly boring. Yawn.

Whilst being glued….

…to the news and to Twitter, Spring seems to have come and I almost didn’t notice.

Our temperatures are going mild for at least the next ten days and by then, we’ll be in to March which at this latitude, often has nice, sunny and mild days in store for us. It will be time to get back out and get the garden in shape and “dust off” the moats left by winter.

In March I also get to get my new “teeth”. I fought with the molar nerve for a week, my primary weapons being ibuprofen and vitamin B – and I won. It stopped throbbing on Monday and has been fine since. No root canal for this gal, no sir.

I’m Awarding A Huge Big Gold Star…

…to myself for having made it through the 4-hour dental appointment yesterday. I’m very glad to have it behind me.

Bad enough the appointment started at 8.30 a.m., I ended up going there without having any coffee, as coffee seems to be one of the triggers of my hot flashes and I didn’t want be in that dental chair breaking into a glistening sweat every 15 minutes. (Plus, it might have frightened the dentist).

Before he got started, I told him about that odd dream I had some time ago where he wanted to pull out all of my teeth so that they would fit better when put back in, and he really had a good chuckle about it. (Now, there’s probably a remark in my dental records referrring to my mental health.)

When he finally finished getting those four (adjacent) teeth ready by removing old fillings and the last of my gold crowns, that side of the mouth, at least to my tongue, hat an eerie resemblence to pictures I’ve seen of Aleppo.

Either way, I’ve made it through the worst of it and if the nerve he got a bit too close to with the drill settles down again, muting the point of a root canal, I’m a happy camper.

Just not sure why the appointment in March to get the final caps put in place is also a 3 1/2 hour shingding.

Not thinking about it.

Possible Projects

That Knitting Calendar I got for Christmas – well, I think there is another sweater in my future. It’s a take on the “boyfriend” sweater, and I think I want it. Go ahead and have a look over here on ravelry and let me know what you think.

I’m thinking of using a slightly darker blue and a very light gray for the edging though.

Still Here

No, I haven’t dropped off of the face of the earth (though at times, I wish I could have). I’ve spent a lot of time being glued to Twitter lately, watching the horror unfold in real time, whilst admiring the amount of #Resistance that is forming.

A shoutout over to Zippi for making me aware of the @RoguePOTUSStaff account, which as of this writing has over 700,000 followers. It’s an account whose tweets are sometimes disconcerting, sometimes funny.

I’ve also discovered some very high quality, informative podcasts by The Intercept (that’s an online investigative journalist magazine).

The podcasts can be found here. The podcast from January 20th, (“The Clock Strikes Thirteen”) contains a conversation between Jeremy Scahill and Seymour Hersh, some of which is chilling, to say the least. (It’s about the last 20 minutes of the postcast).

Go there.
And be vigilant and stay informed.

My Weird Subconscious

The last weeks have been quite the ride, in political terms. So, I’m not really surprised that apparently, my subconscious has decided to go completely rogue at night.

My father has a rather genial dental prosthesis (the chemo all but ruined his teeth) and his dentist called him in to check how it is fitting these days. He came back from the dentist without his “teeth”, and was told to come back at lunchtime after the lab had had a chance to do some refitting. It is now seated very well according to him.

Coming up very soon, I have a four-hour dental appointment because three adjacent teeth need capping. Yes, I’m dreading it. I hate dental work, because I’ve had too much of it in my life.

Anyhow, the night after my father’s dental adventures, I dreamt that in advance of my dental appointment, my dentist was planning to pull out all of my teeth in order to refit them, so that they would fit better when re-inserted with the new dental work. In my dream, I went to the dentist’s office to confront him about not wanting to do this and in the dream (as in real life) he was very accommodating and said that we can adjust the treatment plan for him to just pull the three teeth that are affected, before capping and re-inserting them.
I agreed only after he confirmed that I would be put completely under for the procedure.

I’m not even going to mention the very detailed, HD quality dream I had THE SAME NIGHT about the aliens that came to “soothe and take over” our minds – it was awful.

Yes, apparently, I’m now really deranged.

Back With the Needles

After an abstinence of almost six weeks, I’ve finally gotten the last of the alpaca yarn on the needles to make the third (same) sweater in dark blue this time.

One of my wonderful Christmas gifts was an actual knitting calender which is full of interesting projects and patterns, these are two of my favorites so far. One is for a blanket and the other for a scarf.

Diagonal Rib Blanket (Bernat, Listowel, Ontario, Canada)
Fiddlehead Fern Scarf by Deborah Tomasello