Such a Bore

I’ve been such a bore and retreated into my shell in the last few weeks.

We’ve had weeks of bad weather – bad meaning, plunging temperatures, icy rain, nighttime frost – and so, in between the navel gazing, I’ve been treated to lots of free exercise in carring potted plants in and out of the house. So often in fact, that all of the outdoor plants, including the hanging petunias, now have predetermined spaces here in the house.

This week, we’re being treated to a bunch of cold air coming from the polar circle, which is why temps this morning are just at 38F and it’s been raining elephants and hippos. Our weather for the extended Easter weekend was no better.

All that translates into extra knitting time, though I’d rather be doing things outdoors, and it enabled me to finish that blanket in what appears to be record time. However, it was knitted with a 6,5 mm (US 10 1/2) needle, so it went very fast. I did extend the size of the blanket by adding an extra row of squares at the top. I’m very pleased with the result. It was knitted with two strands (one woolen sock yarn and one alpaca) and is wonderfully soft and warm.

April Showers

Well, this is what I get for getting flowering plants for the porch too early. I woke up to snow this morning, luckily I’d been forwarned by my weather app that things are going to stay icy until the weekend, so I’ve brought everything inside. .

My house now resembles some sort of bargain basement funeral home, with all of the iceland poppies, daisies, lavender, petunias, roses, etc. Sigh. Just another drop of crazy in a world that is drowning in it.

I’d just like to know who mixed the cool-aid and transported it to all corners of the world, where it’s apparently being consumed.


I finished the “Chill Sweater” yesterday (I can’t model and photograph it yet, it’s drying on a hanger from it’s first washing yesterday evening).

I wasn’t going to start a new project, but as always, as I was getting to the end of this one, I felt uneasy not having something new in the “knitting pipeline”.

So, yeah, I checked the internet for new stuff, not really wanting to tackle another sweater, and did find a project that blew me away. I ordered the supplies for the new project and it arrived yesterday:

I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I’ve got a new stash of yarn in my hands. I love these colors.

Oh yes, the new project. Go here and have a look. I don’t NEED this but I saw it and I wanted it. It’s just too pretty not to have.

Much too early

We’ve had more than our share of warm spells recently, and historically speaking, the month of March was the warmest on record. While trying not to think about the large masses of ice melting on either of the earth’s poles, I am watching the trees here go green a full 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule this year.

Nevertheless taking advantage of our warm weather, I made my first trip to the nursery last week and filled the stone walls of the porch with¬†blooming potted plants, as I can’t stand for it to be bare once spring arrives.