I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and a nice meal. It’s a tradition I miss quite a lot, and I find myself thinking fondly of past Thanksgiving dinners on that day.

It’s been an interesting two weeks here, being somewhat hindered at walking properly and not being able to drive. I got rid of the crutches on day 2 and just hobbled along merrily. What was really difficult was wearing that huge brace 24/7 (it went from the top of the leg all the way down to just inches above the foot). I finally stopped wearing it on Sunday, and have now resorted to using kinesiological tape and a normal knee brace to keep from bending it all the way, as the surgeons warned me that even weeks later, it can still tear open again and that I needed to be careful for a while. It looks good though, thinks me.

I’ll pull the stitches out this evening, this being the 15th day. I will, however, continue to sleep on the couch as I am not yet confident that I will mess it up by climbing the ladder to the loft, where I usually sleep.

At least now, I’ll have scars on both knees. 😉

The Adventures of Stupid (Me)

First of all, I’ve been keeping this picture to myself for too long and would now like to share it:

I’ve been placing a wide board across the bottom of the kitchen doorway to block the kitchen in an eventual escape of the Little Guy. Not a big problem, I spent all kinds of time stepping over it, but yesterday afternoon, as it got darker, I was deep in thought and wanted into the kitchen for something or another. I completely oversaw the board and fell over it into the kitchen, onto my granite tiles.

Checking the damage afterward, I noticed that one knuckle on my hand was bleeding and the knee didn’t feel so great. I saw that it was busted open and was about to put a large bandage on it, when I felt that something about it didn’t look right. I dashed next door to my folks and got a second opinion, and ended up in the emergency room.

To make a long story short, the surgeon removed part of the bursa, which I’d damaged, and stitched me up. I get to wear a brace for the next two weeks to keep me from bending the knee.

Crutches suck. So does stupidity.