*wipes dust off blog*

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (You know who you are.)

This time of the year is just brutal, in terms of things to do and time in general. I’ve been incredibly busy with year-end and holiday stuff, and December is racing by, leaving me scrambling even though I got an early start.

The end of November had me hobbling around the office, getting my year-end accounting done, an annual project that I absolutely despise.

I got some Christmas things out and in the mail, and finally finished knitting a wonderful alpaca cardigan for my favorite cousin, only to mail it to her OLD address. Now, I’m tracking the package and hoping it will find it’s way back to me so that I can re-post it. I surely hope it doesn’t get lost. Please. Pretty Please.

After being advised yesterday that some parts of Texas actually got some snow, we did too in the evening, in a veritable flurry of big fat snowflakes.

Nevertheless, I’m still kind of “bah humbug”. Perhaps that will change. 🙂