A Critter Update

It has now been two weeks since I found the little guy, and time has flown by. His eyes are fully open and, though he hasn‘t gotten more active (still sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating) he has grown and his appearance has changed quite a bit.

For quite a while, I was questioning as to whether Mr. Ratski is truly a rat. He hovered at the 14 g mark for over a week, and is still relatively tiny. His ears have detached from his head and are getting bigger, and as of this morning I am seeing how his snout is starting to get a truly „ratty“ look to it.

Here are some more pictures.

Today, again eating porridge
This past Sunday, cleaning up after his meal.

I even went to the pet store and bought him a small rat hammock. He doesn‘t like it yet though, even though I‘ve read that they usually love them.

He‘s at 18 g as of today. And cute. Regrettably, yesterday evening I approached his cage too quickly, startling him, and he‘s been afraid of me all day and keeps fleeing into his little house (a white box).

I‘m working on it. We‘ll see.

3 thoughts on “A Critter Update”

  1. Geez he is a cutie; however, considering that you saved his life and nursed him faithfully, the way I see it (as if it mattered) he is simply going to have to get over his fraidy cat ways.

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