A Wonderful Surprise

It’s those rays of sunshine that drop into your life now and then that are the true spice of life.

Imagine my surprise, when I received this early birthday gift in the mail:

This is not only a really good italian prosecco, it is a “prosecco superiore” with a D.O.C.G. heritage.

I’ll definitely be popping that cork on Friday with a toast to you, dear Jen.

Thank you!!!!!

6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Surprise”

    1. No, no bag of chips, lol.
      We are scheduled for temps close to 70 and there’s an good italian restaurant on the other side of the lake, whose outside tables are on the sunny side of the street. We’ll be heading there for a delicious meal, the prosecco is for later (after).
      Thank you!

  1. I just realized I don’t know when your birthday is anymore. I had all that on my old computer, but not on the new one. So . . . when is your birthday?

  2. Oh my gosh, and here we are in the freeze defying frigid temps, supposedly it’s quite the possibility that they will break a record new low that was set in 1970 of 19 tonight – wow! Thankfully I was not a resident of hell then. Really? That sounds sooo romantic, good Italian eats, 70 degree temps, al fresco, how perfectly lovely! !

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