And the “B” Flicks Just Went On…

Well, yes, I could have turned the channel but there was nothing noteworthy on the others either, and I wasn’t in the mood for Discovery Channel.

So, the Omen IV was followed by a remake of Stephen King’s “Carrie” (obviously made for TV – hence, the chopped editing). Bad. I don’t really quite understand why they did a remake – the original is probably dated a bit by now but……whatever.

The next thing on was “Fright Night”. I remember enjoying it when it came out (20 years ago?) but it is SOOOO 80’s it was embarrassing. Roddy McDowell was nice to watch though.

If I didn’t know better, I would think that there is a “B” Film Festival going on – caught a glimpse of “Killer Frogs” this afternoon.

I spent the day in my ski pants, which I donned this morning to walk with the dog. Having them on is kind of like spending all day wearing your featherbed – quite nice and cozy.

While standing in the kitchen this evening preparing the Arrabiata sauce for the Penne tomorrow (busy schedule in the a.m., so I am cooking ahead) I saw a wonderful moon rise. Tried to capture it with my digicam, but did not suceed. Am not sure there is film in my SLR so I didn’t bother getting it out. Yeah – I have a lazy bum a** today.

Here two photos anyhow; my new Acer (which I have completely fallen in love with):

And the blessing on my front door from the three kings that visited me (I am absolutely amazed that the rain has not washed it off yet, since it is the west side of the house):

4 thoughts on “And the “B” Flicks Just Went On…”

  1. The “20” at the beginning and the “05” (hard to read here) at the end are for the current year. The C + M + B stand for “Christus mansionem benedica” which is latin for “Christ bless this house”.
    This is an old tradition and you will find these markings on many doors in Germany.

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