The Best Weeks of the Year

No, I haven’t drowned in that little pool. It’s spent some time in the basement, in fact, as the heatwave ended (and started again yesterday, so it’s back up).

It’s been a bit busy around here, and in between, I’ve been living La Dolce Vita, realizing that it is strawberry season and that these weeks are the best weeks of the summer. So, I’ve concentrated on LIVING them and ENJOING them to the fullest.

First, we had to get rid of a rather large pine tree that was infested by bark beetles and was dying. To do this, we hired a professional “tree climber”.

I’ve also been doing some of this:

…and enjoying the bounties of the season by having buttered tagliatelli with fresh truffles*….

..and making crepes and filling them with a homemade strawberry filling and garnishing them with fresh strawberries and cream:


*I was gifted a truffle slicer some 15 years ago and always use it to slice garlic. This year, I finally used it to slice real truffles. ‘Bout time.

7 thoughts on “The Best Weeks of the Year”

  1. Your Strawberries-n-Cream Crepes look astonishing and oh-so YUMMY (no surprise there though)! Naturally your truffle dish looks so much nicer, had I a brain in my head I suppose I may have thought better about tossing and making a more pretty/appetizing plate (hindsight – gaaah). Love the lounging frog! Bless the bravery of those who do the tree climbing – eeekkk!

    1. The crepes are easy. I make the batter a day ahead of time in the blender and just put it in the fridge. The filling is just strawberries cooked with a minimum of water, a dash of sugar and some corn starch to firm it up. It’s a relatively quick fix for a midafternoon snack.

  2. The lazy days of summer. I spend them indoors with the A/C going and a fan blowing in my face. 40 odd years in the US and I still can’t tolerate the heat and humidity.

    As much as I’d rather have crepes for lunch, I’m doing doing broccoli cheese soup, tuna sandwich, and an apple for desert.

    1. I hear you on the A/C – at your humidity levels, I’d flee indoors too – luckily, our humidity tends to remain at bearable levels.

      Your lunch sounds delicious, actually – I haven’t had broccoli cheese soup in ages – do you happen to have a recipe? Way back when I worked at a college in Illinois, broccoli as well as cauliflower soups were a lunch staple at the cafeteria and were some of my favorites.

      1. I don’t have a recipe, but there is a restaurant in town that makes pretty good soup. And sandwiches. They bake their own bread so it is always fresh. I also got a couple of whole grain bagels from them for dinner last night. Unfortunately, we don’t have a decent deli so I had to settle for Oscar Meyer Braunschweiger liver sausage for my spread.

  3. I want to come to your house for dinner! After eating mostly hospital cafeteria food this past week, I am feeling quite sorry for myself! At last Jack, minus is right big toe, is home, and now I will catch up with laundry, cooking and recycling. Last week, I did a lot of crying, this week, I’m looking forward to making strawberry shortcake for Jack!

    1. O.k. – can I assume that you were eating hospital food because you were visiting Jack, and not because your infection returned and you landed there yourself?

      Sorry to hear about the toe 🙁 and hoping you are in better spirits.

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