I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and a nice meal. It’s a tradition I miss quite a lot, and I find myself thinking fondly of past Thanksgiving dinners on that day.

It’s been an interesting two weeks here, being somewhat hindered at walking properly and not being able to drive. I got rid of the crutches on day 2 and just hobbled along merrily. What was really difficult was wearing that huge brace 24/7 (it went from the top of the leg all the way down to just inches above the foot). I finally stopped wearing it on Sunday, and have now resorted to using kinesiological tape and a normal knee brace to keep from bending it all the way, as the surgeons warned me that even weeks later, it can still tear open again and that I needed to be careful for a while. It looks good though, thinks me.

I’ll pull the stitches out this evening, this being the 15th day. I will, however, continue to sleep on the couch as I am not yet confident that I will mess it up by climbing the ladder to the loft, where I usually sleep.

At least now, I’ll have scars on both knees. 😉

6 thoughts on “Better”

  1. Holy crow girlie – although I am sure that it has healed up beautifully it still looks like it was a right mess; yeah never gave two hoots about blasted crutches (for you it was knees, me? Ankles – gaaah!). The T-day Holiday was definitely WILD&Woolie/FAST&Furious – so much so I had to have another day just too try and REGROUP, eeekkk!

  2. Did I miss you telling us about knee surgery? It looks like it’s healing nicely.

    Went home to visit with family and friends for Thanksgiving. The Prodigal Son brought a pumpkin pie home and we lucked out not having to take any more leftovers home with us because my brothers boys were coming down to celebrate on Friday so the leftovers were saved for them. Enjoyed myself.

    1. No surgery, just the remains of falling into my own kitchen.

      Glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving with family, without being burdened with the inevitable leftovers. (Though sometimes, having them is nice).

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