Enough Already

The view from my kitchen window this morning.

And no, dear Ama…… . I am not writing a product review for a box of rubber bands. Go away and stop asking me.

6 thoughts on “Enough Already”

  1. You know, as I was snapping the pic this morning, I thought of you and figured you’d say that.

    It snowed throughout the day.

    I’m grumpy.

    1. Throughout the day?! Jealous much (True enough, I am)! I believe all the “winters” are over and done with; you know like Dogwood Winter and Blackberry Winter (apparently there are some more that I have never even heard of), now however, it’s like an enormous heaving wet blanket out there, it’s unbearably warm, I am not complaining about the rain or potential storms, just that flaming heat and humidity (Yeeeccchhh!)

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