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Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Opening time: “The report published yesterday by the International Climate Change Task Force is blunt in its warning about the proximity and inevitability of environmental degradation. According to the report, only a brief period of grace remains before the effects of climate change become irreversible, and that the world’s policymakers have perhaps just 10 years in which to take action. If that is so, then Mr Blair and the other leaders flocking to Davos have little time left. Establishing a G8 climate change group and an immediate start on building a successor to the Kyoto protocol should be the least of the steps taken by the end of the G8 meeting in July. The key remains getting the US on board. The task force member Stephen Byers said yesterday that in George Bush’s first term ‘the door on climate change was locked’. Now Mr Byers feels the door is unlocked – but still closed. Mr Blair’s task in the coming months is to open that door. “

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