We are being subjected to a heatwave of some length at the moment, and as our summer temps don’t usually get up to the high 80s and low 90s, normal homes do not have A/C. As a result, when the high temperatures are sustained for more than a few days, it’s a bit uncomfortable – especially the sleeping part.

I knew this weather was coming, and as I contemplated how to best deal with it, I had a brilliant idea.

I’m one of those mean adults who always envies the little kids that get to splash in their little pools in the summer. So, I went online to look and see if there isn’t something affordable and doable that is available for adults. I found something for under 40 €, and ordered it.

The discussion (or objections) by the folks surrounding this little pool, as it was on its merry way to being delivered, were exhausting.

“It’s a silly idea.”

“You’re going to ruin the lawn.”

“You’ll need 2 cubic meters of water just to fill it.” (In Germany, cubic meters is a common measure of volume – 1 cbm is 1000 liters)

“It will take the water three days to warm up enough for anyone to go in it.”

“Where on earth will you put it?”

“No one is going to use it.”

“Leaves and dirt will soil it.”

“Stop being a child.”

It got here yesterday. The’ve all shut up now and think it’s great.

*rolls eyes*

6 thoughts on “Heatwave”

  1. (Just can’t seem to say it enough) – leave it to you to find the neatest albeit USEFUL things – right on – here’s to HAPPY splashing then!

  2. Oh I totally love it! What a marvelous idea! I bet you are spending a lot of time in it cooling off! We have kicked off our summer with a few hot days and thunder storms to boot! We did get our air conditioners in back in April. Thank goodness. Our house bakes in the sun and so would we without them.

  3. Perfect. All you need is a bit of shade to filter the sun and a tall, cool drink to enjoy while you relax.

  4. Got all of the above. It’s under the shade of the walnut tree and gets partial sun in the afternoon. I’ve been making an awful lot of sun tea, so I’m good on all counts 🙂

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