I Was Able To Dismiss My Chauffeur Today

due to the rapidly climbing temperatures and improving road conditions.

In addition, after having abandoned it for the last week and a half*, I fell in love with my car all over again today.

Though it wouldn’t start. The extreme temperatures combined with having been left to stand around sucked the rest of the life out of its battery.

So, my ex-chauffeur (see picture link above) was kind enough to jump start it for me.

Resulting in yours truly driving aimlessly around the countryside to get the batteries a bit charged up, having feared getting stranded at the store or at the bank. While doing my U-turn to head back I looked around for other motorists aimlessly driving around and charging their batteries but I saw no one.

And I am delighted to report that the only sore muscles I have from yesterday’s extended cross-country ski outing are my gracilis (which have no normal use anyhow 😉

*I skipped the snow tires in the fall as I was unemployed and saving every penny.

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