Knitting Leftovers

When ordering yarn for a project, I generally order an extra skein or two just in case – I’m always afraid to run out of yarn just before the end of a project.

That habit of course comes back to bite me in the butt, as then I’ve loads of extra leftover yarn in the stash (and don’t ask me about the stash). So, I had leftover Baby Merino/Silk from the green and light and dark blue sweaters I knitted this winter and decided to use the leftover yarn to knit this nice thing. It’s turning out to be quite the project, as it involves a large number of ever increasing stitches.

So, doing this “leftover” projects I had no more projects in the pipeline, until I made the mistake of reading an email by one of my yarn suppliers. I saw, I fell for it, I ordered the yarn for it which arrives today.

Have a look at this gorgeous sweater here.

I just couldn’t resist. Just couldn’t.

3 thoughts on “Knitting Leftovers”

  1. Well hells bells with this beautiful knack that you have, no wonder you couldn’t resist! I LOVE the Aurora and Amalfi both – YAY you for being able to find such lovelies to be all creative with!!!

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