I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it on this blog, but in my youth, somewhere around the ages of 12-15, I was a huge Beatles fan and refused to listen to anything else ever – for a number of years.

Now, I keep receiving unexpected things in the mail – recently, I received this which catapulted me back to the days of my youth:

It’s a paper card that when opened:

A wonderful and amazingly collapsible yellow submarine made of paper pops up:

And if that weren’t enough, this morning I received four bags of little bitty parts that I was forced to assemble without any instructions being included, so I am not quite sure if I did it properly.

Quite amazing and just made my day! Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Memorabilia”

  1. Aren’t they the stinking cutest things ever! No doubt there is no right or wrong way for assembly, bet they’re just happy for their arrival and can take a load off, after being all cooped up like they were !
    [the Beatles are shown as their live action selves]
    George: That was one great party. And we brought back some lovely souvenirs.
    [takes out a kite string with a wind-up mistaken for a motor]
    George: Here’s the motor.
    Paul: And I’ve got a little
    [the word “love” comes out of his hand]
    Paul: love.
    Ringo: [takes out a fake hole from his pocket] And I’ve got a hole in my pocket.
    George: A hole?
    Ringo: Well, half a hole anyway. I gave the rest to Jeremy.
    George: What can he do with half a hole?
    Paul: Fix it to keep his mind from wandering!

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