Much too early

We’ve had more than our share of warm spells recently, and historically speaking, the month of March was the warmest on record. While trying not to think about the large masses of ice melting on either of the earth’s poles, I am watching the trees here go green a full 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule this year.

Nevertheless taking advantage of our warm weather, I made my first trip to the nursery last week and filled the stone walls of the porch with blooming potted plants, as I can’t stand for it to be bare once spring arrives.

6 thoughts on “Much too early”

  1. Wow! So PRETTY! What all have you got living on your porch wall?! Appears as if you have some “baby” trees are they fruit bearing? Looks so comfy and inviting!

    1. You’ve got a good eye. The tree between the two pots of red poppies is the lemon tree from which I recently harvested all of those lemons for marmalade.
      The tree in the other photo (the one with the raven thingy in the pot) is an almond tree, though it is not large enough to bear fruit yet. It’s gorgeous when it blooms pink, though.
      I’ll post a pic of my pear tree, gifted to me two years ago, that is now in bloom for the first time and might actually bear a pear or too, if I’m lucky 🙂

  2. Bring on Spring! I am so ready for it! I am home, got my PICC line out and I am on my way to good health! Pups are happy, Hubby is happy, but most of all, I am happy!!!

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