Offspring (Young Crows)

There is a pair of crows (corvus corone) whose territory seem to center around our property. (Pairs of crows are very territorial and will defend their territories against other crows encroaching on them. The large groups of crows that one sees, for example, in fields, are for the most part “bachelors” that have not teamed up with a mate yet.)

We’ve been observing and feeding our crow pair for years now. I put out a halved hard-boiled egg in the morning, and in the course of the day put out noodles or nuts or meat. The large flock of sparrows (which are fed year-round here also) always scatter when the crows come to look for food, but return immediately when their large brethren leave the feeding place.

In early spring, we observed our crows building a large nest in the large poplar that towers above the garden. Assuming they were raising young, we increased the amount of food that we put out for them, and the parents came often, taking away snippets of this and that and then ascending once again to the nest.

I was delighted to discover this morning, that they had taught their newest young one about the feeding place.

young crow (corvus corone)
It’s easy to spot that this is a young bird. His eyes are still blue (they will change to black soon), the pink in the corner of his beak, and the fact that he is more of a dark brown rather than black indicate his young age.

I look forward to seeing him often in the next couple of months.

I love crows (corvus corone). They aren’t nearly as big as their larger cousins, the ravens (corvus corax), but are just as intelligent, playful and curious about everything. They are also excellent parents.

And young crows are rambunctious and love to get into everything.

2 thoughts on “Offspring (Young Crows)”

  1. And here I was delighted over our friendly visiting cat. We have either crows or ravens in abundance around me – they have the biggest mouths and to me anyway they are rather large. Always full of interesting tales you are!

    1. Friendly visiting cats are nice too. I’d love to have a cat again but with the way traffic has increased here, it’s a no go.

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